Granite Pavers & Tiles

The ability to inject a fresh lease of life into your ageing patio simply via sheer magnificence makes Granite Pavers & Tiles one of the most highly sought paving material!

With one of the most versatile range of Granite Pavers & Tiles in our portfolio, we at Stone Depot have just the kind of Granite your project needs. Whether you seek slip-resistant or strong Granite pavers & tiles in Sydney, our range of granite takes care of everything needed for both pedestrians as well as high-traffic areas in addition to offering the kind of design needed to get eyeballs rolling.

Having the durability needed to withstand the toughest of weather conditions, Granite pavers, tiles, kerbs and setts by Stone Depot, the foremost Australian Granite Supplier, offer high levels of performance in addition to letting you experiment with the design part. Our Granite pavers, tiles, slabs, pool copping and treads are available in various colours and finishes such as exfoliated, blasted, bush hammered and fine picked suiting both traditional as well as contemporary projects.