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Granite Pavers & Tiles

Granite has been the most desirable stone for all commercial and residential projects since eternity. With immense durability and hard-wearing property, Granite Pavers are used outdoors in applications like driveways, walkways patio, stair treads, or pool copings. On the other hand, Granite Tiles are typically used in indoor flooring, countertops, wall clads, or fireplaces.

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Our complete range of Granite is available in various finishes like exfoliated, blasted and bush hammered that are suitable for both traditional and contemporary setups. Granite Paving material is resistant to staining, fading, or wear and tear, which helps keep your surface intact. High traffic, weather fluctuations, or heavy loads do not affect Granite stone if it is sealed. Sealing helps to block its porosity, minimizing the chances of damage from moisture, chemicals, or stains.

Maintenance of Granite floor tiles is straight forward. Washing with mild detergent and hot water is sufficient to keep the pavers and tiles clean. Just stay away from acids or strong cleaners laced with chemicals. You can choose dark coloured Granite to create sophisticated spaces. Bold colours also tend to get less dusty, which implies less frequent cleaning. Lighter coloured Granite would make your space look bigger and classier. The only drawback is- Dust or debris show up too quickly.

Stone Depot is the largest wholesale supplier of premium natural stones in Sydney. Our Granite stones are popular across Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and more. We believe there is one stone for every space and our stones help you personalize that space. Our extensive range of pavers, tiles, and walling is available in Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Marble, and more.

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Frequent Questions

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How can I maintain Granite pavers?

Granite is a porous stone and should be sealed. Improper sealing can lead to bacterial growth or staining. Please ensure Granite pavers have a good sealant applied to their surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean them. Granite pavers are highly durable and very easy to maintain. Read our blog for more details on maintenance and care tips for granite pavers.

Why is Granite used in Kitchen tops?

Granite makes an ideal stone for kitchen tops or counters due to its resistance to scratches, breaking or chipping. The heat from kitchen stove or hot utensils also do not affect Granite, keeping its shape and colour intact.

Where are Granite Pavers and Tiles commonly used?

Granite pavers are used outdoors in driveways, patios, gardens, courtyards, alfresco or walkways. Granite tiles are commonly used in indoor applications like countertops, stair treads, floors, or walls.

Does Granite paving bear high footfall and heat?

Granite paving comes with an array of benefits. The density and robustness of Granite pavers is matchless. They do not break or bend under heavy load of vehicles or footfall. The porous stone absorbs surrounding coolness and remains unaffected even when exposed to harsh sunlight or fire.

Are Granite pool copings long lasting?

Granite is the most durable natural stone. Since they are maintenance-free and slip resistant, Granite pool copings stand the test of time. They don’t break or crack and are the best in terms of safety.

Is sealing Granite pavers important?

Like other natural stones, Granite is porous and has high moisture locking property. It is highly recommended to seal Granite pavers to protect them and maintain their appearance. Sealing helps to avert staining from oil, chemicals, or beverage spills. It also prevents Granite pavers from cracking and looking dull.