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Crazy Pave

As the name suggests, Crazy Paves are stones in random shapes and sizes for paving outdoor areas. The irregular stones are laid in a haphazard manner, at times filled with mortar in between the gaps. The indiscriminate shapes break the clutter of spaces, uplifting the look and mood. Crazy Paves present a uniform view, making the spaces look picture-perfect.

Know its benefits
Extraordinarily robust and dense, Crazy Paves is an ideal flooring option for pathways, driveways, courtyards, gardens, pool surrounds. They astonishingly withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and fire.

Our diverse selection of natural stones in an assortment of colours offers great design flexibility for all domestic as well as commercial paving projects.

Ideal for pool surrounds, driveways, pathways, gardens.

Did you know? Crazy paving was a huge trend in the 1970s as it gave unique designs and various colours at an economical price compared to conventional paving.