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Crazy Paving Stones

Crazy Paving Stones in random shapes and sizes for paving outdoor areas. The irregular stones are laid in a haphazard manner, at times filled with mortar in between the gaps. The indiscriminate shapes break the clutter of spaces, uplifting the look and mood.

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Extraordinarily robust and dense, Crazy Paving Stones are an ideal flooring option for pathways, driveways, courtyards, garden, pool surrounds. They astonishingly withstand extreme temperatures, moisture and fire. Crazy Paves for pool and Crazy Paving tiles extend unique antique view, making the spaces picture-perfect.

Our diverse range of Crazy Tiles & Pavers in Sandstone, Bluestone and more come in a variety of colours, offering great design flexibility for all domestic as well as commercial paving projects.

Stone Depot is the largest Crazy Tiles & Pavers Supplier in Sydney. We believe there is one stone for every space and our stones help you personalize that space. Our extensive range of pavers, tiles, and Crazy Tiles & Pavers is available in Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Marble, and more.

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Frequent Questions

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Why are Crazy Paves called so?

Crazy Paves are called so because of their irregular shapes and sizes. The uneven stones are laid in a unique pattern that lends a ‘crazed’ appearance to the finished areas.

How long do Crazy Pavers last?

Crazy paving tiles are natural stones, usually limestone and sandstone which are dense and durable. If maintained and sealed properly, they last for decades.

Why is Crazy Paving so popular?

Crazy Paving gives a unique appearance to your space and makes it stand out. It is also an economical solution as it is cheaper than paving slabs.

Where are crazy pavers used?

Crazy pavers are used to pave patios, walkways, driveways, gardens, pool surrounds.

Can I use Crazy Pavers indoors?

Yes, why not. Crazy Pavers are trending for indoor floors replacing like traditional wood, carpet or concrete flooring.

Which Crazy Pavers are suitable for pool copings?

Limestone Natural Split and Sandstone Natural Split stones are best suitable for pool copings.