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Travertine Pavers & Tiles

Derived from the Italian Travertino, Travertine is a porous stone with naturally formed holes on its surface. Resin fillers are hence added to travertine to fill these gaps and provide a smoother finish. It has been used as key building material across the globe. Being a variant of limestone, it is dense and tough, hence suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Know its benefits
Soft and neutral coloured tones make Travertine pavers and tiles the ideal material for sophisticated and stylish builds! Dense and robust Travertine pavers and tiles available in different finishes lend solidity to your surfaces besides letting you experiment with various designs. You get to choose from the aged tumbled finish, crisp clean sawn, and slightly distressed finish to paving dense and hard-wearing surfaces that remain the same despite all the outdoor extremities. Their texture, finish and availability in various colours allow you to create lively spaces even with limited set downs.

Ideal for house flooring, wall tiling, walkways, patios, garden paths and walkways.

Did you know? Colosseum, the largest ancient amphitheatre of the world, was made mostly of travertine.