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Travertine Pavers & Tiles

Travertine stones have been used as a key building material for ages. Soft and neutral-coloured tones make Travertine pavers and tiles an ideal material for sophisticated builds! Dense and robust Travertine stone lends solidity and unmatched elegance to your surfaces. It withstands weather extremities and stays in shape for eternity.

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Travertine pavers are ideal for paving patio, driveway, pool surround, or walkway while Travertine tiles are suitable for walls and indoor applications. Outdoor Travertine tiles also find their application in decorative accents, cornerstones, retaining walls, and facades. Choose from the aged-tumbled finish, crisp clean sawn, slightly distressed finish for paving surfaces that stay stylish and radiant forever!

Stone Depot is the largest wholesale supplier of premium natural stones in Sydney. Our Travertine Tiles and Pavers are popular across Perth and Melbourne. We believe there is one stone for every space and our stones help you personalize that space. Our extensive range of pavers, tiles, and walling is available in Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Marble, and more.

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Stone Depot is a wholesale supplier of natural stones and tiles to the top builders, landscapers, homeowners, and developers in Australia. As a company, we take pride in our legacy of 30 years as a prominent importer and partner, delivering quality products at the best price. A firm belief in quality, a competent team, on-time delivery and cost efficiency have been our key pillars of success which have helped clients stand out from the crowd.

Our host of premium stones are meant for residential and commercial projects alike. The wide range of products including outdoor pavers, tiles, pool copings, steppingstones, walling and more, caters to all spaces. Besides a manufacturing unit, we source natural stones from different places across the world.

Stone Depot is driven by passion to create incredible stories and transform every space into extraordinary; just like our Travertine pavers and tiles that are suitable for number of applications like driveways, alfresco, walkways, gardens, patios, pool copings, pool decks, bathroom floors, feature wall and more. We have an array of colours and textures that make every space lively. Silver Blue Travertine is a popular choice for outdoor paving and pool surrounds while Classic Travertine Filled and Honed are often used for indoor floors. Choose from a variety of finishes depending on the area of installation and the look you want to achieve.

What is the difference between Travertine Tiles and Travertine Pavers?

Ideally Travertine tiles have a thickness of 12mm whereas Travertine pavers are 30 mm or more. Tiles are typically for indoor or decor applications while pavers imply outdoor use. Hence Travertine tiles are used in shower floor, kitchen wall or backsplash. On the other hand, Travertine pavers are used in patio, driveway or alfresco.

Why is Travertine so popular?

Travertine’s marble like texture and earthy tones give it a natural look. Additionally, its resistance to physical wearing and durability make it a popular choice for commercial and residential projects.

Are Travertine Tiles expensive?

On the contrary, Travertine Tiles are reasonably priced and not expensive. However, the price may vary across Sydney due to its variation in quality, texture or polishes available with stone suppliers.

Is Travertine suitable for outdoor use?

Travertine is the most suitable natural stone for outdoor use. Travertine pavers and tiles can be used in patio, garden, landscapes, alfresco or pool surrounds.

Is Travertine stone slippery when wet?

Travertine pavers that are unfilled with tumbled finish are totally non-slippery. The nature of this stone allows its usage in pool areas or wet places. Tumbled Travertine is your best bet to avoid chances of slipping when wet.

How do we grout Travertine?

Grouting is done in a variety of materials. Mixing the grout is followed by sweeping in on joints. For details read - All about Grouting – What, Why, How

What is the process of laying Travertine pavers around pools?

Laying Travertine pavers around pools is quite simple. Excavate the area and level the soil. Lay a fabrication sheet and fill add crushed limestone base about 4 inches thick. Prepare a dry setting bed and lay the Travertine pavers on top using a soft hammer head. For a detailed process of laying Travertine Pavers around pools, do refer to our blog - How to lay Travertine Pavers around pool?

How should I clean Travertine tiles?

Do not use harsh abrasive chemicals to clean Travertine tiles. For details head to our blog post - Tips to Maintain Travertine Floor.

Is Travertine flooring outdated?

Travertine flooring is anything but outdated. With its warm pastel shades and beautiful textures, Travertine floors are back in trend. Travertine as a building material has been used for a long time.

What does Honed Travertine mean?

Honed Travertine is an even and smoothened surface with a matte appearance. This finish lends a soft look to the stone. The term ‘honed’ is synonymous with polished minus the shine. Such stones are best for indoor flooring, walls, or décor purpose.

How easy are Travertine pavers to install?

Travertine pavers are relatively easier to be installed than most of other pavers. This is because they can be mud-set or dry-set and are suitable to be laid in a range of areas.

Why is sealing Travertine pavers important?

Unfilled travertine pavers and tiles have natural holes on surfaces. It is important to seal the holes before installing them in wet places or outdoors. Sealed Travertine prevents water and bacterial accumulation inside the tiles and hence reduces chances of slipping.

What does ‘Tumbled Finish’ in Travertine mean?

As the name suggests, tumbled accurately translates to rumbled. Tumbled travertine means its surface is smoothened, but the unfilled holes and unpolished surface gives a great natural and rustic appearance. Such kind of natural stones are best used around pools or shower places.

How long do Travertine tiles last?

Travertine is one of the hardest natural stones that lasts for many years if installed and maintained properly. Travertine tiles are robust and dense. They retain their shine and solidity even in the harshest weather conditions or physical wear & tear.

Can Travertine pavers be laid on sand?

Yes, Travertine pavers can easily be laid on sand and the process is called dry-set. Just set the paver in place on the sand bed and fill the joints in between with sand. Laying Travertine paving stones is one of the easiest tasks that needs less labour and equally less time.

What is unfilled Travertine and what goes inside filled Travertine?

Unfilled Travertine has natural holes on its surface which is why it is called so. The holes are filled with epoxy resin.

Where can Travertine stone be used?

Travertine stone can be used for outdoor applications like pool, patio, alfresco or landscape as well as indoor applications like floor, walls or shower place.

Can Travertine be used in and around pools?

Yes, Travertine is an excellent choice for pool surrounds and copings. Travertine pavers around pools offer a water resistant and anti-slip surface to walk on. On the other hand, Travertine pool tiles are suitable for pool decks and pool coping which elevate the aesthetic of pools besides offering low maintenance and protection. Check out how to lay Travertine pavers around pools in this blog post.

Can Travertine tiles be used in bathroom?

Yes, Travertine can be used in bathroom. Since smooth surface is slippery when wet, honed Travertine tile is the most recommended for bathrooms. Then a sealer must be applied for protection against absorbent nature of the stone.

Which applications are Indoor Travertine Tiles suitable for?

Indoor Travertine Tiles are polished and have a smooth surface. The flat surface is suitable for walls, fireplace, kitchen floor, backsplash, shower floor, hall floor, countertop or décor purpose.

How long does Travertine driveway last?

When installed properly, Travertine driveway can last for decades. They are robust, maintenance-free and endure huge pressure loads. Driveways made of Travertine can easily handle the weight of vehicles without cracking, fading, caving-in or getting damaged. Besides the robustness, they add character to the driveway, making it stand out.

What are the benefits of paving with Travertine?

The most important benefit of Travertine paving is durability. If maintained properly, they last long without cracking, chipping, or fading. The rugged, non-slippery surface provide high level of safety. Paving with Travertine also brings along sophistication that make outdoors stylish and lively.

What is French pattern Travertine?

French pattern is a classic design that combines different size of stones to create an 8 square foot area. The standard pattern is created by laying two stones of 8x8, one 8x16, two 16x16 and one 16x24. French Pattern Pavers and Tiles are available in sets that are arranged together to create the look.

What finishes of Travertine does Stone Depot have?

At Stone Depot we have two major finishes namely Unfilled & Tumbled and Filled & Honed. Unfilled Travertine has pores on its surface and tumbled finish implies a rugged surface. This kind of finish offer a good footing which is good for wet areas. Filled Travertine has the holes or pores filled with resin and honed, literally translates to polished. Honed and Filled travertine with smooth surface is primarily for indoor use.

Where does Stone Depot deliver Travertine in Australia?

Stone Depot delivers door to door across Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart. We also deliver to regional areas in Australia.