Ocean Grey Granite Tiles, Pavers & Copings
Ocean Grey Granite Tiles, Pavers & Copings

Ocean Grey Granite
Tiles, Pavers & Copings

Product Features

  • Finish :
    Exfoliated / Flamed (Anti Slip / Slip Rated Surface)
  • Tiles Sizes:
  • Pavers Sizes:
    400x400x30mm, 600x400x30mm
  • Pool Copings:
    600x400x30mm Bullnose, 600x400x30/60mm Drop Edge
  • Treads:
    1210x350x30mm Bullnose, 1210x350x30mm Pencil Edge
  • Application:
    Pool Surrounds, Alfresco, Verandas, Pathways, Garden Paving, Courtyards, Floors, Walls

Premium Diamond Black Granite pavers

Choose Ocean Grey Granite pavers and tiles to give your outdoor space a cool, serene feel. These grey stones, which fall somewhere between black and white, provide a comfortable medium for anyone looking to tone down extreme contrast or combine with virtually any colour, including wood tones. These stones, with an exfoliated/flamed finish, are trending in Australia. Usually used for paving driveways and pathways, you can’t go wrong with the luxury, drama and dimensionality of Ocean Grey Granite pavers and tiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How strong are Ocean Grey Granite pavers and tiles?

Ocean Grey Granite pavers and tiles are tough and can withstand time. If properly taken care of, the stone would last for ages.

2. What is the finish of Ocean Grey Granite pavers and tiles?

The Ocean Grey Granite pavers and tiles are available in an exfoliated finish.

3. What are the sizes available for Ocean Grey Granite pavers?

The sizes available at Stone Depot are 400x400x30 mm, 600x400x20mm and 600x400x30mm.

4. What are the edge options available in Ocean Grey Granite pavers?

The Ocean Grey Granite pavers we supply are on the straight-cut edge.

5. What is the life expectancy of Ocean Grey Granite pavers and tiles?

Ocean Grey Granite pavers and tiles are the most durable natural stone products. If maintained well, it could last for over 100 years.

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