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Know How to Lay French Pattern Tiles in an Efficient Way

16 April 2024

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The French pattern tile arrangement, steeped in European design tradition, has graced interior and exterior spaces for generations, from stately foyers to entertainment areas.

Do you want to create a statement with your outdoor area, regardless of its size?

The French pattern tiles are the answer to it. They can be utilised with outdoor tiles or pavers and have a subtle, eye-catching appeal that you will adore. However, knowing how to lay French pattern tiles can be a little tricky.

Let’s know more about French pattern tiles and how to lay them.

What is French Pattern tile?

This distinct tiling style is also quite old, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Versailles pattern’ or the ‘Roman pattern’. It’s a modular interlocking pattern, which means you make a geometric pattern with varying tile sizes that repeats throughout the design in chunks or modules. Think of the flooring of classic European palaces, and you’ll get what we mean. It’s a great way to bring history into your house, as seen with these ancient bathroom tile designs.

Its modular design makes it great for bigger outdoor settings. However, because the intersection of lines and tiles produces the sense of a greater area, it may also be effectively adapted to smaller spaces. It’s ideal for anybody looking to create a visually appealing outdoor environment that complements their landscape since it allows the eye to focus on the full vista rather than just straight parallel lines. It’s a bold, one-of-a-kind style that can instantly transform your house into a refuge.

How To Lay French Pattern Tiles?

French pattern tile in natural stones such as Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone and Slate adds style and character to indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Choosing The Right Tiles
  • The first step in understanding how to lay Frech pattern tiles is selecting the right stone for the space. When selecting the proper stone for your project, foot traffic and moisture exposure are important considerations. Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Bluestone and Sandstone are all fantastic choices, but they require frequent sealing and frequent care to maintain brightness.

    Our range of French pattern tiles includes Silver Travertine, Indiana White Limestone, Ash Grey Sandstone, and more. Each has a distinct appearance and may complement any home design style you want, so the possibilities are endless. A few differences exist between the laying French pattern of Travertine and Sandstone.

    They come in a pack of six stones in different sizes:

    • 2 x 203x203x12mm
    • 1 x 203x406x12mm
    • 2 x 406x406x12mm
    • 1 x 406x610x12mm

    The sizes are available in sets as well as individual tiles. Make sure you have enough of the four sizes needed to create your selected pattern arrangement.

  • Measure Up for Success
  • In the second step, before you start to lay French pattern types, you’ll have to measure the space where your tiles will be set properly. To calculate square metres in a rectangular space, just multiply the length by the width. If your space is oddly shaped, split it into smaller rectangular portions and compute the size of each individually. Then, combine all of the individual areas together to obtain the total square metres.

  • Make Place for Your French Pattern Tiles
  • You should put the French pattern tiles at ground level; however, you will need to dig a bit deeper (usually about 15cm). Its purpose is to make way for the gravel and cement that will keep your paving in place for years. It is the most difficult phase, yet neglecting it might result in uneven pavement; therefore, don’t skip it.

  • Laying You French Pattern Tiles
  • Before you apply any mortar, test how your paving will look as flooring. You may do this by laying the French pattern Sandstone or Travertine tiles on the gravel in the appropriate areas. This is known as a ‘dry lay,’ and it avoids the possibility of running out of stones or mistakenly putting them in your available area; it also assures that the French pattern meets your layout design.

    When you’re pleased with your placement, and everything fits together properly, remove the stones, lay down your mortar, and firmly reinstall them. Next, wait for the mortar to set, as instructed on the mortar bag. Remember to save some of the mortar for the finishing touches.

Creating Colour, Finish and French Pattern Flair

French pattern flooring can accommodate any aesthetic objectives and area sizes. Contrasting colour palettes and grouts that accentuate the complex design add drama while matching colour tones provide a subtle but equally outstanding cohesive effect. In general, bright hues perform best in vast rooms, whereas milder tones visibly enhance smaller ones. In rare cases, the French pattern, especially when put with Travertine tiles, can provide the impression of a larger space.

Visualise The Possibilities of Laying French Pattern Tiles in Your Home

French pattern tiles are one of the most popular trends in Australia right now, so check out our handpicked collection of French pattern tiles and pavers to help you get inspired and design your ideal place. This magnificent and timeless design may be used in a variety of areas around your house, including:

  • Kitchens: French pattern tiles are ideal for Australian kitchens because of their variable arrangement, which provides visual interest and a personalised appeal to your kitchen space. French pattern tiles made of natural stone are ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens.
  • Living Rooms: The visual intrigue of this classic pattern makes it ideal for adding to the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Furthermore, the gentle colours prevalent in French Pattern tiles, such as beige or grey, provide warmth and elegance to the room, making it welcoming and pleasant for leisure and entertainment.
  • Bathrooms: The rough surface of natural stone French pattern tiles makes them perfect for bathrooms and laundries since they improve grip and reduce the chance of slipping.
  • Pool Surrounds: French pattern pavers around your pool or used as pool coping may provide a ‘Europe in summer’ atmosphere all year. The natural stone has a rough surface that makes it slip-resistant and moisture-resistant, making it a great choice for outdoor locations.
  • Balconies: French Pattern tiles are suitable for outdoor use, particularly on balconies and patios, where they can withstand Australia’s severe environment. Their timeless style and distinctive patterns elevate the appearance of any outdoor living space.

Ready To Bring Some European Palace Elegance into Your Home?

We hope you now know how to lay French pattern tiles. They can be used in classic, traditional or even current design styles, depending on the material, colour, and finish. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can decide whether French pattern tiles are the best option for your project and ensure a stunning installation.

We at Stone Depot understand the fascination of creating a luxury and timeless atmosphere with French pattern tiles in your house. With a little pre-planning and foundation, you can accomplish this show-stopping style by establishing a prominent doorway, refining your bathroom or adding sophistication to your outdoor patio.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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