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Stepping Stones

Enhance your garden trails or walkways with our Stepping Stones. Ideal for pathways leading to entryways or for perimeter around your lawn, Stepping Stones makes pathways visually alluring.

Know its benefits
The slip-resistant stones prevent you from losing balance or getting your feet muddy in the face of waterlogged areas. Besides, they are a fantastic way to minimise trampling of lawn. Easy to lay and a design great statement for outdoors, our Stepping Stones are available in Granite, Limestone, Travertine, and Sandstone in several colours and textures.

Ideal for gardens, muddy fields, pathways to building entrance, parks.

Did you know? Though their origin is unknown, yet Stepping Stones were one of the earliest forms of mechanism to cross water bodies. In old Japanese gardens, “iso-watari” refers to pathways made of stepping stones meant for crossing shallow ponds.