Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stone paths are visually appealing and create a stunning appearance of outdoor areas. They enhance your garden trails or walkways effortlessly. Irregularly shaped stones are randomly laid on concrete or gravel base, serving as stones to walk on. They are ideal for pathways leading to entryways or for perimeters around lawn areas.

Garden Stepping Stones also double up as pavers for non-conventional setups. They are recommended for both residential and commercial properties. Available in a variety of sizes, these stones prevent you from losing balance or getting your feet muddy in the face of water-logged areas. Besides, they are a fantastic way to minimize trampling of lawn.

Our natural Stepping Stones come in Bluestone, Limestone and Granite in round, rectangular and free form, giving you ample opportunities to experiment with the design of your project. These stones evoke joy and fun vibes, unlike any other stone. Easy to lay and a great design statement for outdoors, our Stepping Stones come in different colours and textures.

Stone Depot is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of premium natural stones in Australia. We deliver across Australia including Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (VIC) and more. We believe there is a stone for every space and our stones help you personalise that space. Our extensive range of stepping stones is available in Granite, Limestone and Bluestone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Stepping Stones?

Stepping Stones are slightly lifted stones that are made of natural stones. They are used for garden and backyard paving. They are functional and look beautiful as you step on them.

2. What finish do Stepping Stones come in?

Stone Depot supplies Stepping Stones in 2 different finishes, which are Honed and Exfoliated.

3. What size options do Stepping Stones come in?

Stepping Stones are available in organic size of 600x600 mm diameter. If you are looking for a rectangular-shaped Stepping Stone, it comes in 600x400 mm and 800x400 mm.

4. What all colour options are available in Stepping Stones?

We have the Stepping Stones available in Grey, Blue, and Black colour options in organic form. We also have the beige and silver colour options available in rectangular Stepping Stones.

5. Do Stepping Stones have high colour variation?

We keep and supply premium quality Stepping Stones, and they generally don't have a high colour variation.

6. Are there different grades available in Stepping Stones?

There are different qualities of Stepping Stones available ranging from Commercial, Standard to Premium quality. We only keep Premium quality Stepping Stones in our offerings.

7. Are Stepping Stones slip resistant?

Yes, Stepping Stones offer great slip resistance. They are used for garden and backyard areas where high slip resistance is necessary.

8. Can Stepping Stones fade under the sun?

If Stepping Stones are sealed, their chances of fading under the sun would minimise. Also, they would last for a longer duration.

9. Are Stepping Stones expensive?

Stepping Stones' cost generally depends on the material of the stone and the availability in the area. If you use Stones from discarded or broken slabs, they might cost less. The average cost of Stepping Stone varies between $6 and $8.

10. Where all can Stepping Stones be used?

Stepping Stones or Steppers are ideal products for garden paving, courtyards, and walkways. You can choose from our excellent range of Stepping Stones available in a variety of colours and materials.

11. Can I use Stepping Stone in garden?

Yes, Stepping Stones have the most usage for Garden paving. They are available in organic, rectangular, and square shapes.

12. Can Stepping Stones be used for backyards?

Stepping Stones are commonly used in backyard paving. They are available in different colour options to choose from and can elevate your backyard project.

13. Are Stepping Stones a good product choice for walkways?

Yes, Stepping Stones can also be used for walkways. Besides durability, they add a decorative accent to your project space.

14. Can I use Stepping Stones as pavers?

You can use Stepping Stones as pavers. Our Stepping Stones are 30 mm thick and can easily be used as pavers while maintaining their original irregular shape and color. Stones in Granite, Limestone, or Bluestone are durable and suitable as pavers.

15. Can I lay Stepping Stones on sand?

Though Stepping Stones can be laid directly on sand or soil, it is not recommended to do so. Soil erodes and sinks over time which may cause the stones to lose their balance or sink into the dirt. It is advisable to create a solid level surface with sand or a bed of crushed stones beneath Stepping Stones.

16. Do Stepping Stone need to be sealed?

Stepping Stones that we supply are made of natural stones only, and we recommend sealing the stone to ensure fewer chances of stain or damage.

17. Can Stepping Stones stain easily?

Stepping Stones are made of Natural Stone. If left unsealed, there are high chances of the stone getting stained.

18. How often should I seal Stepping Stones?

We recommend sealing Stepping Stones every 2-3 years. This would protect them from damage and give them a long life.

19. What is the best way to clean Stepping Stones pavers?

The best way to clean Stepping Stones pavers is with warm water and a soft mop. You can also use a pH neutral cleaner.

20. Can I use vinegar to clean Stepping Stones pavers?

Vinegar or any citric liquid must be avoided to clean Stepping Stones. They harm your stone even before you know it.

21. Is it okay to clean Stepping Stones with bleach?

You should avoid bleach while cleaning Stepping Stones. The best way to clean is with a pH-neutral cleaner or simply with warm water and a soft mop.

22. Can Stepping Stones be cleaned with acidic solution?

You should never use any acidic solution to clean Stepping Stones. Use a pH-neutral cleaner available in the market for cleaning it.

23. Can I pressure wash Stepping Stones?

Yes, you can pressure wash Stepping Stones but should reseal the surface right after doing it.

24. What is the difference between pavers and stepping stones?

Stepping stones and pavers are frequently used in outdoor projects and landscaping, but they have different uses and characteristics that set them apart. Pavers are popularly used for pathways, patios, driveways, walls, fireplaces, pools and other outdoor places that provide a stable surface with heavy foot traffic. Pavers are often constructed to have constant dimensions, are frequently rectangular or square and are uniform in shape, size and thickness. This allows for accurate installation and a tidy, uniform appearance. On the other hand, stepping stones are mostly utilised for pathways or driveways. Usually, they are arranged so people can walk from one stone to the next, making a route across a garden, a lawn or other outdoor spaces. Compared to pavers, stepping stones have a wider variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They may be rounded, asymmetrical or even specially crafted and frequently include additional decorative elements, textures or patterns that enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of the surrounding environment.


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