The Highland Grey Granite is one of those rare natural stones that lets you pave robust yet aesthetically pleasing outdoors. Granite’s brilliance and hard-wearing nature at the core and a light shade of Grey on the surface ensure that your outdoors turn heads each time they are looked at. The stone’s durability protects the paved surface from outdoor extremities and its non-slippery and visually appealing nature keep your outdoors lively as ever.

Whether you wish to revamp your interiors with Highland Grey Granite Tiles or redo your exteriors with the Highland Grey Granite Pavers, Stone Depot, foremost Australian Highland Grey Granite Supplier, provides the quantity to you to get your design/renovation project underway at the earliest.

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Additional information

Product Name

Highland Grey Granite

Alias Name

Grey Granite


Exfoliated, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted

Available Sizes

600x400x20mm, 600x400x30mm, 800x400x30mm

Pool Copings & Treads

600x400x30mm Bullnose, 1210x350x30mm Bullnose

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    We liked the person who helped us with this purchase. Quality of the stone was also to our satisfaction. Kudos!

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