Austral Verde Granite

Austral Verde Granite
Tiles, Pavers & Copings

Product Features

  • Finish :
    Exfoliated / Flamed (Anti Slip / Slip Rated Surface)
  • Tiles Sizes:
    600x400x20mm, 800x400x20mm
  • Pavers Sizes:
    600x300x30mm, 600x300x40mm, 600x400x30mm, 600x400x40mm, 800x400x30mm, 600x300x60mm, Custom Orders to Spec Available
  • Pool Copings:
    600x400x30mm Bullnose, 600x400x70/30mm Drop Edge
  • Treads:
    1210x350x30mm Bullnose, 1210x350x30mm Pencil Edge
  • Risers:
  • Application:
    Pool Surrounds, Alfresco, Verandas, Pathways, Garden Paving, Courtyards, Floors, Walls

Premium Austral Verde Granite pavers

Austral Verde Granite is the most desired pick because of its light green shades coupled with soft grey patterns. Its flamed surface offers good slip resistance, making it perfect for driveways and other outdoor areas. The sturdy stone creates a stunning appearance against pastel fixtures and preserves the magnificence of your space for a long time.

Whether you’re looking for natural stone for your new project or renovating your existing space, you are at the right place. Stone Depot is among Australia’s largest wholesalers and suppliers of Granite Pavers and Tiles, catering to all your needs. In the arena of natural stones and tiles, we have Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, and more. We believe there is one stone meant for every space, and we help you personalize that space for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Austral Verde Granite?

Austral Verde Granite exhibits light grey shades with soft grey patterns. These colour combinations make it an easy pick for all outdoor project needs. It is sturdy, hard, and very durable.

2. How strong are Austral Verde Granite tiles and pavers?

Austral Verde Granite tiles and pavers are tough and can stand the test of time. If properly taken care of, the stone would last for ages.

3. What are the different sizes available in Austral Verde Granite?

In Austral Verde Granite, we have two size options available. One is the standard size 600x400 mm, and the other is 1210x350 mm.

4. What is the standard thickness of Austral Verde Granite tiles and pavers?

The standard thickness of Austral Verde Granite tiles is 20 mm, and that of the pavers is 30 mm.

5. What is the finish of Austral Verde Granite tiles or pavers?

The Austral Verde Granite tiles and pavers are available in exfoliated or flamed finish.

6. What edge options are availabe in Austral Verde Granite?

The Austral Verde Granite tiles or pavers that we supply are in straight cut edge.

7. Do we have Cobblestones available in Austral Verde Granite?

We can supply Cobblestones in Austral Verde Granite if provided with sufficient lead time to arrange them.

8. What is the life expectancy of Austral Verde Granite?

Austral Verde Granite is known for its toughness and durability. If maintained properly, the stone could last for more than 100 years.

9. Can Austral Verde Granite fade in the sun?

All natural stones fade over time if put under direct sun. To slow down the fading process, would recommend sealing the stone.

10. Do we offer kitchen benchtop in Austral Verde Granite?

No, we don't do kitchen benchtops. We only have tiles and pavers in Austral Verde Granite.

11. Do we supply pool coping in Austral Verde Granite?

We have the bullnose coping available in Austral Verde Granite.

12. Is there size customisation available in Austral Verde Granite?

Yes, we can supply any customised size in Austral Verde Granite. Feel free to connect for any customisation in size or thickness.

13. What is the quality of Austral Verde Granite that Stone Depot supplies?

We only keep and supply an "A" grade quality in Austral Verde Granite.

14. Is Austral Verde Granite suitable for both residential and commercial projects?

Absolutely, Austral Verde Granite is suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Feel free to connect with one of our representatives to know more about the scope of usage.

15. Can I use Austral Verde Granite around the pool?

Yes, you can use Austral Verde Granite around the pool. However, we highly recommend sealing the stone to increase its life expectancy.

16. Is Austral Verde Granite suitable as pool coping?

Austral Verde Granite is suitable to be used as pool coping and we offer bullnose in the same.

17. Is Austral Verde Granite appropriate for outdoor use?

Yes, Austral Verde Granite is a go-to product for outdoor projects. It is one of the toughest natural stones and can last for ages if maintained properly.

18. Can I use Austral Verde Granite on driveways?

Austral Verde Granite pavers with a thickness of 30 mm or more are suitable for driveways.

19. Can I use Austral Verde Granite for patio and alfresco areas?

For patio and alfresco areas, Austral Verde Granite tiles are perfect. They add a lot of elegance and poise to the project space.

20. Is Austral Verde Granite suitable for saltwater pools?

Yes, Austral Verde Granite can be used for saltwater pools. The best would be to seal the stone during installation and keep resealing every 2-3 years for better upkeep.

21. Do you need to seal Austral Verde Granite?

Yes, we would recommend sealing Austral Verde Granite tiles or pavers at the time of installation. Also, reseal the stone every 2-3 years. Sealing increases the life expectancy of Granite stone.

22. How often should I reseal Austral Verde Granite flooring?

Industry experts recommend resealing the surface every 2-3 years to keep their look fresh and make them damage resistant.

23. Can Austral Verde Granite get stained?

Yes, Austral Verde Granite can get stains in case of wine or liquid spillover. It would be best to seal the stone for stain and damage resistance.

24. How to remove stains from Austral Verde Granite?

If the stone is properly sealed during installation, there would be low chances of stains. In case it happens, the best way to remove stains from Granite paving is to scrub with a mild soap solution and warm water.

25. Can I clean Austral Verde Granite with Acidic Solution?

Please avoid any acidic solution to clean the Austral Verde Granite. Acidic solutions can leave an etching mark on the surface. Use mild soap or detergent solution with warm water to clean the surface.

26. Can I use vinegar to clean Austral Verde Granite?

Vinegar can dull the surface of Austral Verde Granite tiles or pavers. It is better to avoid the use of vinegar to clean the surface.

27. Can I use bleach to clean Austral Verde Granite?

Overuse of bleach may cause Granite tiles to look dull and worn out with the risk of the sealant coming off. Also, avoid using abrasive scrubs. The best way to clean Granite tiles is to use warm water with mild soap. For tough stains, we recommend using baking soda and water. Regular cleaning with water helps keep its shine intact.

28. What is the best way to clean Austral Verde Granite flooring?

The best way to clean Austral Verde Granite tile flooring is with mild dish soap and warm water. Alternatively, you can use a micro fibre mop to clean the surface. Also, you can use a pressure washer to clean the tiles or pavers.

29. Is it okay to pressure wash Austral Verde Granite?

Austral Verde Granite can be pressure washed, but we recommend sealing the stone once you have pressure washed it.

  1. Kam


    Stone depot come highly recommended. Service and quality is top notch. They provided a quick turnaround and fast delivery of pavers for our project. Definitely would recommend them to family and anyone looking for pavers.

  2. Andrew


    Very happy with quality of stone, service and delivery as promised, clients love it

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