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Pool Copings

Having a swimming pool in a residential or commercial complex arouses concerns about safety. This is where Pool Copings are done around the edge of pools. They give you adequate grip when getting out of the pool and helps protect the tank from water damage.

Know its benefits
Pool Copings also cover the steel/iron rods in the upper surface of pool walls besides giving your deck a polished look. Needless to mention they dramatically reduce the chances of slipping.

Our range of Pool Copings comes in a variety of natural stones like Travertine, Limestone, Granite, and Slatestone. The availability of various colours allows you to give your pool surrounds a personal touch and elevate the aesthetics naturally.

Ideal for pool edges, swimming pool’s top wall.

Did you know? Apart from natural stone, wood can also be used to make pool coping. However, it is avoided as wood is less durable and more maintenance.