Free Style Walling

Free Style Walling

Free Style Walling brings together various shapes and sizes of stones to form a wall. This range of walling has the most rustic and spontaneous appearance and is known to give a natural aura to any surface. Its chipped edges, organic textured hues, great random ashlar pattern design and flexibility are ideal for external and internal statement walls, fireplaces, garden facades.

Uniform shape of stones with synchronized patterns do not appeal to everyone. People often look for something random and fun yet natural. This is where Free Style Walling comes into the picture. The unorganized but organic look of this versatile walling range has been quite popular across Australia and Europe. This is commonly used in gardens, garages, indoors as feature walls, boundary walls, extensions and garden walls, besides many other places.

Freestyle walling natural stones offered by Stone Depot are split into five sides and sawn on the back. This finish ensures an easy installation to all suitable layers, which brings the finest of results. The combination of pastel colours on the walling range creates a warm, rustic ambiance, perfect for modern as well as classic spaces. Explore Stone Depot’s natural stone Freestyle walling gallery and bring the desired beauty to your projects.

Stone Depot is the largest supplier of premium natural stones in Australia. We deliver across Australia including Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (VIC) and more. We believe there is one stone for every space and our stones help you personalize that space. Our extensive range of pavers, tiles and walling is available in Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Marble and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by Free Style or Random Wall Cladding?

In this series, the size of the individual cladding pieces is different from each other. The maximum size would range up to 350mm and the thickness would vary from 20-40mm. This type is highly in demand and creates a style statement.

2. What are the sizes available in Free Style Walling?

As the name suggests, the stone is random in size with maximum length of upto 350mm.

3. What is the finish of the Free Style or Random Wall Cladding?

The Free Stye or Random Wall Cladding comes in Natural Split Surface with back side sawn cut.

4. Are corners available in Freestyle or Random Wall Cladding?

Yes, Stone Depot offers 'L' shaped corners in Freestyle or Random Wall Cladding. Feel free to connect with one of our representatives to know more about them.

5. Which stone is used for stone cladding?

The common stones used for stone cladding purpose are limestone, sandstone and granite however marble and slates are also used extensively in stone cladding. The use of the cladding is not restricted to any stone you could also clad the wall with travertine, bluestone etc.

6. Where all Free Style Wall cladding can be used?

Stone wall claddings have been in use since ancient times to give a new dimension and look to your walls. They are and can be used for both interior and exterior walls.

7. Can you stone clad a house with Free Style Walling?

Yes, it is possible to stone clad the entire house. It provides a warmth classic appearance and also creates a comtemporary look overall.

8. Can is stone clad a fireplace with Free Style Walling?

Absoultely, stone cladding is one of most used product for doing fireplaces around the world. Not even it provides the fireplace with a fire resistant material but it makes them look amazingly beautiful.

9. Can Free Style Stone cladding be used in living room?

Living room is a place where anyone would spead most of the time once you reach home and every one wants their living space to look beautiful and elegant. Stone cladding is at your resort to turn your living room into a living dream. The natural stone cladding elevates the whole dimension and makes its a piece of beauty and elegance.

10. Can Free Style Stone caldding be used for doing feature walls at your home?

Doing feature walls with stone cladding has been in practice since ages. The special feature walls made with natural stone can add that distingushing accent that your home is lacking. Not even they are durable, strong but they would be the perfect pieces of art to strike new conversations everytime guest arrives at your abode.

11. Can Free Style Stone cladding stain?

Stone Cladding as the name suggest are made of natural stones that are porous in nature, yes it can stain. We would recommend sealing the stone at the time of installation to make it stain resistant.

12. Do you need to reseal the Free Style Stone cladding?

Yes, stone cladding needs to be resealed in order to make them retain its natural colour and be stain resistant. We would recommend to reseal the stone cladding after every 2-3 years.

13. Will sealant darken the Free Style Stone cladding?

No, natural sealers won't change the colour of the stone cladding. Nor will darken it nor they would alter the sheen and colour of the cladding.

14. How to keep the colour of the stone cladding intact for long after installation?

If you are looking for an answer for the BIG question, it would be sealing and resealing the stone cladding. Also proper maintenance has to be done in order to keep the colour of the stone intact. Do not use harsh chemicals and cleaners to clean the surface as it could leave stains on the surface.

15. Are Free Style claddings easy to maintain?

Stone Wall Claddings are the easiest to maintain. Since they are sturdy, durable, and weather-resistant, they hardly break or get stained. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Just use mild detergents to clean stains or wash with plain water to remove dirt, and that's it.


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