Considered the darkest and most enchanting form of Granite, the Raven Black Granite lets you pave dark, dense and durable surfaces that exude a mystical elegance in addition to standing the test of time in the face of weather extremities. Its blackish tone and profound textures make your outdoors a visual treat to savour and become the very reason for the endless admiration they receive from onlookers! Your patio, driveway and walkway become a treasured sight when paved with the Raven Black Granite because of the stone’s minimalistic elegance and darkish demeanor!

Obtain Raven Black Granite Tiles for indoors and pavers for outdoors from Stone Depot, premier Australian Raven Black Granite Supplier, to experience this paving magic! Talk to one of our experts and have FREE samples arranged for!

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Additional information

Product Name

Raven Black Granite

Alias Name

Ash Black Granite, Nero Black Granite


Exfoliated, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted

Available Sizes

600x400x20mm, 600x400x30mm, 800x400x30mm

Pool Copings & Treads

600x400x30mm Bullnose, 1210x350x30mm Bullnose


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