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Limestone Pavers & Tiles - Importers & Wholesaler in Australia

Limestone Pavers & Tiles

Limestone’s incredible durability, immense sustainability, and innate hardness make it a classic paving option for spectacular outdoors. Known for their muted colours and strength, you can never go wrong with Limestone paving. Available in a variety of colours ranging from ivory to grey, Limestone pavers are an apt fit for pool surrounds, verandas, courtyards, or gardens.

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With a thickness of 30 mm and more, Limestone pavers are also an excellent choice for driveways and pathways. They are less likely to crack, chip, or break making them fit for high traffic areas and indoor flooring. Limestone paving’s smooth texture gives a visual continuity, and the even surface deems fit for large outdoor spaces. Additionally, the stone has incredible insulating properties. Limestone remains cool in summers and is unlikely to get too cold in winters. What isn’t there to love in this natural stone?

Known as a part of the construction industry for centuries, this natural stone’s split texture and easy-to-clean property create a charming and maintenance-free ambiance. Generally, warm soapy water is enough to clean stains from Limestone flooring. The best part is the stone does not demand expensive solutions for its upkeep. Limestone tiles with a thickness of 12 mm and more are the most recommended for indoor floors, walls, backsplashes, vanities, and more.

Stone Depot is the largest wholesale supplier of premium natural stones in Australia. We deliver across Australia including Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (Victoria), and more. We believe there is one stone for every space and our stones help you personalize that space. Our extensive range of pavers, tiles, and walling is available in Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Marble, and more.

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