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Bluestone Pavers & Tiles

With its rugged texture and unmatched visual appeal, Bluestone is a unique and multi-utility paving option. These versatile stones are a result of volcanic rocks hardened over a billion years. Also known as Basalt, the stylish Bluestone is an ideal choice for residential and commercial use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Know its benefits
Its exfoliated finish, rugged texture, and unmatched visual appeal make the Bluestone a unique and exclusive flooring option for both designs as well as renovation projects! Additionally, its availability in a wide variety of sizes and formats lets you customize your paved surface to your liking, and coping units available in the bullnose and square edge finishes ensure you get to try out innovative designs as well. Durable, dense, and slip-resistant, Bluestone pavers, tiles, slabs, pool copping and treads let you enhance the architectural brilliance of your surfaces and transform them completely.

Ideal for stone steps, patios, entryways, pool decks, interior floors, walls, countertops.