Grey Pavers & Tiles 

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Travertine Tiles & Pavers

Grey Pavers & Tiles 

Grey Pavers are an inspiration for contemporary outdoor spaces like patios, walkways, or courtyards. Pavers in grey emanate a rustic classic look from the antiquated-styled homes. Similarly, Grey Tiles recreate a timeless, classic look from the eighteenth century. Combined with minimalist design, Grey Tiles create a stunning impression, difficult to replicate.  

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Think of contemporary designs for your home interiors. From fireplace and wall tiles to Grey Tiles in the living room or bedroom, they perfectly fit the picture. These ash or smoky coloured tiles allow other elements in the surroundings to stand out brilliantly. The advantage with Grey Tiles is that the colour is neither too bold nor too soft, hence striking a perfect balance between intense and subtle. The same goes for Grey Pavers which make a great balance in patios, walkways, alfresco, driveways, or pool copings.    

Stone Depot has an enormous collection of Grey Pavers and Tiles for you to choose from. Garonne Limestone, Highland Grey Granite, and Ash Grey Sandstone are among the darker shades of Grey. Choose Silver Grey Granite, Tandur Grey Limestone, or Atlantic Grey Marble if you are inclined towards lighter shades of grey.

Stone Depot has made a prominent position in Australia among the leading wholesale suppliers of premium natural stones. We cater to all locations in Australia including Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Adelaide (SA), and more. We believe our stones are meant for every space and they help you create your dream space. Our extensive selection of tiles, pavers, and walling is offered in Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Marble, and more. 

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