Sesame Grey Cobblestone
Sesame Grey Cobblestone
Sesame Grey Cobblestone
Sesame Grey Cobblestone
Sesame Grey Cobblestone
Sesame Grey Cobblestone

Sesame Grey
Mesh Cobblestone

Product Features

  • Finish :
    Exfoliated, Split Edges
  • Tiles Sizes:
    90x90x20mm, 90x90x30mm, 100x100x20mm, 100x100x30mm
  • Mesh Size:
    290x290mm, 300x300mm, 320x320mm, 430x320mm, 540x430mm
  • Application:
    Driveways, High Traffic Areas, High Use Areas

Sesame Grey Cobblestone

Sesame Grey Granite is known for its dominating patterns of ash grey with a bluish undertone. When paired with complementary colours, it exudes an unrivalled grace of both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Extremely resilient and low on maintenance, this natural stone keeps the surface of your patio, driveways, pool deck, and floor safe.

Whether you’re looking for natural stones for your commercial projects or for delivering to residential constructions, you will find an extensive range at Stone Depot. We are Australia’s one of the largest wholesaler suppliers of Cobblestones in a variety of materials.

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1. What is Sesame Grey Cobblestone?

Sesame Grey Cobblestones have dominating patterns of ash grey with a bluish undertone. Extremely resilient and low on maintenance, the Granite cobblestones are perfect for driveways, walkways and high traffic areas.

2. What finish does Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone come in?

Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone comes in an exfoliated finish.

3. Are there different edge options available in Sesame Grey Cobblestone?

Our Sesame Grey Cobbles come in split edges.

4. What is the size of an individual Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone?

An individual piece of Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone measures 100x100 mm.

5. What is the thickness of Sesame Grey Cobblestone?

Sesame Grey Cobblestone is available in 20 mm and 30 mm thickness.

6. Do Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones come in loose pieces or on a mesh?

We offer Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone on a mesh.

7. What is the mesh size of Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones?

The mesh size for Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone is 540x430 mm.

8. Are Sesame Grey Cobblestones available in brick bond or straight pattern on a mesh?

Sesame Grey Cobblestones come in a brick bond pattern on a mesh.

9. How many Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones are there on a mesh?

There are 20 pieces of Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone on a mesh.

10. What is the life expectancy of Sesame Grey Cobbles?

If Sesame Grey Cobbles are properly installed, sealed and maintained, they can easily last for over 100 years.

11. Are there different qualities available in Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones?

Generally, you would find three grades or qualities of Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones- commercial, standard, and premium. We only keep and supply the premium or "A" grade stone.

12. What thickness of Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones is the best for installing in driveways? 20 mm or 30 mm?

We recommend using 30 mm thick Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones for driveways. Thicker stones contribute to durability and better load-bearing capacity of driveways.

13. Can you arrange for Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones thicker than 30 mm?

Can you arrange for Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones thicker than 30 mm? Yes, we can arrange for Cobblestones of any relative thickness that your project requires. We only request sufficient lead time to process it.

14. Do you sell loose pieces of Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone?

We have Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone available on a mesh which is easy to install. Setting loose cobblestone pieces is time-consuming and a labour-intensive job which increases the overall cost of the project. However, if your project requires loose pieces, we can supply the same.

15. Are Sesame Grey Cobblestones suitable for walkways?

With their immense durability, weather resistance, and load-bearing capacity, Sesame Grey Cobblestones are perfect for walkways.

16. What base can I use beneath Sesame Grey Cobblestones?

For the front and backyard, cement is the best base for Sesame Grey Cobblestone mesh. For driveways, we recommend installing the mesh on a reinforced concrete slab of 120 mm thickness.

17. How do we maintain the Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestone walkways?

Sesame Grey Cobblestone walkways last long and are low-maintenance. All you need to do is clean with a pressure hose to remove dirt or grime and manually remove weeds from time to time.

18. Do Sesame Grey Cobblestones need to be sealed?

Sesame Grey Cobblestones are natural stones and are susceptible to moisture or dust penetration. We advise sealing the stone during installation for its best upkeep and longevity.

19. Which colour of grout is recommended for Sesame Grey Cobblestones paving?

We recommend a light coloured grout for Sesame Grey Cobblestones.

20. Do you need to reseal Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones?

We highly recommend resealing the Sesame Grey Cobbles every 3-4 years to retain their natural colour and shine for a long time.

21. What is the best way to clean Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones?

The best way to clean cobblestones is to scrub with warm soapy water. Please avoid using acid-based solutions as they can scar the surface permanently.

22. Can I use vinegar to clean Sesame Grey Granite Cobblestones?

It is not advisable to use vinegar to clean cobblestones. The best way is to clean them is with a garden hose. You can also put some dish soap or degreaser into a bucket of water and scrub the surface.

23. Can you use bleach to clean the Sesame Grey Cobblestones?

Bleach is a strong abrasive chemical which can damage the surface of Sesame Grey Cobblestones. We do not recommend using bleach to clean the stones. The best is to use some detergent or mild soap in warm water and dry the surface post-cleaning.

  1. Patrick Twomey

    Patrick Twomey

    I recently purchased some cobblestones, very good price and the service was excellent. Delivery was on time and no hassles. Would definitely use them again.

  2. Mauricio


    Stone Depot offered beautiful cobbles which we used for an extensive driveway and entrance to our new home. Stone Depot staff were helpful and stored our stone until we could install - which was excellent service. I recommend Stone Depot as a supplier of high quality natural stone.

  3. George A

    George A


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