Crazy Paver

Product Features

  • Finish :
    Natural Split
  • Sizing:
    Irregular crazy paving (250~600mm)
  • Thickness:
  • Application:
    Pool Surrounds, Alfresco, Verandas, Pathways, Garden Paving, Courtyards, Floors, Walls

Premium Escaut Crazy Paver

Escaut Crazy Paving features subtle shades of grey bringing a classic European look to the flooring space. The irregular shapes of creamy grey stones accentuated by white grout lines are an all-time classic. Known for their opulent look, the robust crazy pavers last long with minimal maintenance. We need not mention again their resistance to weathering and easy-to-clean property that makes them high in demand.

Whether you’re looking for natural stones for your commercial projects or for delivering to residential constructions, you will find an extensive range at Stone Depot. We are among Australia’s largest wholesaler suppliers of Crazy Paves that make a great addition to patios, gardens, alfresco, courtyards, or walkways.

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1. What is Escaut Crazy Pave?

With the subtle shade of grey, escaut crazy paver is a right stone choice for outdoor choice, that not only compliments the Australian weather but also adds depth to your outdoor space.

2. What size does Escaut Crazy Paver comes in?

Escaut Crazy Pavers are available in 20mm thickness.

3. Does natural split finish of Escaut Crazy Paver suitable for a pool application?

Yes, Escaut Crazy Pavers natural split finish doesn't affect the quality of the stone, we supply an A-grade premium quality Escaut Crazy Pavers that is a perfect choice for surround the pool.

4. How long will Escaut Crazy Pavers last?

Crazy pavers are durable and last long. With proper installation and timely maintenance, Escaut Crazy Paves last 20- 30 years.

5. Can I use Escaut Crazy Pavers on a driveway?

A driveway is a place with heavy vehicle loads and traffic. Naturally, the pavers should be durable enough to withstand the load. It is advisable to install driveway pavers that are at least 30 mm thick. Pavers with lesser thickness might not bear the pressure load and break or crack in a short time. Our Escaut Crazy Paves are 20 mm thick and not advisable for the driveway.

6. Can I use Escaut Crazy Pavers Indoors?

Generally, crazy pavers are used outdoors but just to break the monotony of spaces, Escaut Crazy Pavers can be used indoors.

7. Where all can I use Escaut Crazy Pavers?

You can use Escaut Crazy Pavers to pave patios, walkways, alfresco, walkways, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. They are also suitable around pools.

8. Do I need to seal Escaut Crazy Pavers?

Yes, we highly recommend dip sealing Escaut Crazy Pavers. It helps making the stone moisture, dirt and stain resistant, increases the life of the stone. We advise to re-seal the stone after every 2-3 years.

9. Are Escaut Crazy Pavers Slippery when wet?

Our Escaut Crazy Pavers have unfilled holes on the surface which make the stone slip resistant. Also, the split texture offers more footing to the stone. So, Travertine crazy paves are safe and not slippery when wet.

10. What is the best way to clean Escaut Crazy Pavers?

The best way to clean Escaut Crazy Pavers is with a microfiber mop and warm water. In case of food spills or moisture seepage. Try cleaning stains as soon as they happen to avoid a permanent blot. A solution of warm soapy water is enough to clean the stains and keep the floor good as new. However, if the stains are stubborn, use a baking powder poultice to remove them.

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    Easy to deal with. Great product and price

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    Great quality and the best price??

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    Sonja lamberton

    All the staff were very helpful. The product is excellent. Very happy with the finished result.

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    Stone Depot met all my expectations. Particularly with delivery into a difficult spot. I never had to chase them up in any way.

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