Crazy Paving: Know Some Easy Ways to Elevate Your Commercial Space

Crazy Paving: Know Some Easy Ways to Elevate Your Commercial Space

20 Nov 2023

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Crazy paving is making a comeback, distinguished by its unconventional placing of shattered stone held together with mortar. With the resurgence of terrazzo – another uniquely crafted and authentic floor covering – this new-found desire for a random-style finish, with its warm, hand-finished appeal, has grown. It is one of the most popular choices, with many specifiers, designers and architects looking to capture this unique trend with a modern twist.

Know the Basics of Crazy Paving

These stone surfaces will offer depth and interest while meeting functional and practical requirements, making them an excellent option to rejuvenate an outdoor pool area or alfresco dining room. Crazy pavement is ideal for creating a seamless transition from interior to outdoors while also adding cohesiveness to restaurant areas and providing a magnificent surface covering for visitors to enjoy. This versatile collection can be used for more than just an elegant floor covering, such as a kitchen splashback or to create a highlight wall.

Ways To Elevate Commercial Space

These are some of the ways; there are more. Let’s know them in detail.

Feature Wall: Let’s start with the most common usage of crazy pavers. Yes, feature walls. These natural stone pavers, which are irregular in size, can be used to offer depth and character while ticking off the functional and practical requirements. These qualities make them an excellent choice for renovating an outdoor area. When we talk about commercial spaces, these can be used to transition from interior to exterior in a restaurant or café. Or they can also be used for elegant walls behind the open kitchen splashback.

Entrance Pathway: One can create an enticing walkway to the entrance of a commercial facility with crazy paving tiles to immerse customers in an exciting trip from the start. This intentional use of uneven shapes produces an interesting interplay, turning the journey into a sensory experience. Aside from aesthetics, this pathway serves as a tactile entrance, making a lasting impression on clients and setting a good and distinct tone for their whole experience in your institution.

Outdoor Seating Area: We have always seen that the outdoor seating areas of an office or any commercial space is left plain. Why so? It is where people interact and create a whole impression of how the interior will be. Use crazy paving tiles for the outside seating area to extend the beauty of your commercial location beyond its walls. The highly interesting tiles on the flooring increase the aesthetic appeal and give a pleasant and inviting environment for customers and employees to enjoy the outdoors. Combining design and usefulness transforms An average outdoor space into a visually appealing and pleasant atmosphere.

Reception Desk or Counter: By incorporating crazy paving tiles into the design of your reception desk or counter, you can make a striking and memorable statement at the forefront of your business. This unorthodox method adds a touch of originality and class to your brand’s first point of contact. The combination of irregular patterns and textures leaves a lasting impact, transforming a practical element into a one-of-a-kind and visually stunning component that symbolises your company’s individual personality.

Flooring Patterns: Experiment with different paving tile designs for the flooring to provide vitality to your commercial space. These tiles allow for creating dynamic and visually appealing designs that deviate from the typical homogeneity of flooring solutions. Crazy paving tile patterns provide a varied canvas for transforming the floor into a creative embodiment of your brand’s identity, whether it’s making intricate mosaics or marking specific zones inside the area.

Meeting Room Accent Wall: Incorporate a crazy paving accent wall to improve the visual appeal of meeting rooms or conference facilities. This intentional addition is a focal point during presentations and debates, adding visual vibrancy to the room. The erratic patterns and textures form a backdrop that draws attention and adds a degree of refinement to the room’s professional ambience, boosting the entire aesthetic experience.

Artistic Displays: Unleash your inner artist by arranging crazy paving tiles in creative displays or patterns on walls and surfaces. This low-cost method adds an element of artistry without the requirement for traditional artworks. The interaction of irregular shapes and colours creates a visually appealing element, transforming barren surfaces into dynamic manifestations of creativity and uniqueness.

Outdoor Signage Base: Use crazy paving tiles as a unique platform for outdoor displays to reinvent your business signage. This adds texture and visual appeal to the signage area and turns it into a distinct and eye-catching aspect. The unique base becomes an intrinsic element of the corporate identity, distinguishing your company and leaving a lasting impact on pedestrians.

Bar or Counter Front: Add crazy paving tiles on the front of bars or service counters to give your commercial space a stylish and modern vibe. This unusual design decision gives a bit of refinement and individuality, particularly in venues such as cafes, bars or restaurants. The erratic patterns and textures create a visually appealing backdrop, transforming the bar or counter into a fashionable focal point that matches the space’s overall style.

Custom Mosaics: Create unique mosaics with crazy paving tiles to add a personalised and distinctive touch to your commercial environment. These mosaics can be used as solo art pieces or blended into various locations to create a unique expression of your brand’s identity. Because of the versatility of crazy paving tiles, intricate and personalised designs may be created, transforming your commercial area into a canvas for artistic expression that connects with your company’s ethos and values.

Now that you know how crazy paving’s can be incorporated in commercial space, let’s give you an overview of the types of stones we have in our range.

Our Range of Crazy Pavers

Classic Light Travertine Crazy Paver

Travertine tiles and pavers are among the most bought natural stones in Australia. And, for a valid reason. However, this variant is Classic Light Travertine Crazy Pavers and tuning everyone’s head. The natural beige hues lend a nice charm to the outside space, setting it apart from the crowd. Classic Light Travertine Crazy Paves, whether installed in the patio, alfresco or indoor space, are long-lasting and dependable. The empty surface with natural split finish provides excellent slip resistance to the wild pavers, keeping everyone safe. This is the name of perfection.

Silver Travertine Crazy Paver

The next on the list is another variant of Travertine itself. Silver Travertine Crazy Pavers are both practical and beautiful. The serene silver tint in bright and dark tones adds a special charm to the outdoor environment and increases its beauty. Because of their durability and dependability, these Silver Travertine Crazy Pavers are the most popular choice for an outdoor or interior space. The Silver Travertine Crazy Pavers’ honed finish improves their slippage resistance, ensuring everyone’s safety. It is the name of perfection.

Tandur Grey Limestone Crazy Paver

Now that we are done with our Travertine offering, there comes another vibrant and aesthetically beautiful stone, Limestone. We bring you one of the most vibrant stones, Tandur Grey Limestone. These crazy pavers are symmetrical old grey tiles and creamy white patches that provide a wonderful vintage impression. This resilient stone, accented by darker grey and ivory, is noted for its beauty in outdoor environments. Furthermore, its resistance to chemicals and physical wear makes it simple to clean and maintain.

Bluestone Crazy Paver

Outdoor spaces benefit from the artistic charm of Bluestone Crazy Pavers in greyish-blue colours. With this magnificent collection of natural stones, your patio, garden and even indoor spaces will appear dynamic and bright. Bluestone Crazy Pavers are well-known for its durability and resistance to weathering. They are very simple to maintain and last a long time. Take advantage of this emerging trend and allow your outside aesthetics flourish.

Escaut Crazy Paver

Escaut Crazy Paving has subtle grey colours give the flooring space a classic European style. The uneven shapes of creamy grey stones highlighted by white grout lines are a timeless classic. The sturdy crazy pavers, known for their opulent appearance, last a long time with little upkeep. It goes without saying that their resilience to weathering and ease of cleaning keep them in high demand.

Sunrise Gold Sandstone Crazy Paver

Sunrise Gold Sandstone adds a vibrant and lively mood to business areas with its intriguing combination of pale brown, light grey, muted pink and soft yellow hues. This colour scheme offers visual interest and a sense of vitality and elegance, making it a perfect choice for organisations looking for a lively image. The long-lasting Sandstone crazy paving ensures longevity, making it ideal for high-traffic commercial areas. Its textural diversity expands design possibilities, allowing for unique patterns and layouts that can improve the overall visual appeal of commercial spaces while keeping the stone’s strength and ease of upkeep.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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