Choosing the Perfect Natural Stone for Your Outdoor

Choosing the Perfect Natural Stone for Your Outdoor

03 Oct 2023

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Outdoor tiling has become a crucial component of house design and landscaping And, natural stone textures are our favourite way to provide external surfaces and floors with a distinctive appearance and specific tactile aspect.

But how to choose these outdoor tiles and why is it important?

Making the proper natural stone choice for your outdoor area is essential because it can significantly impact the area's appearance and usability.

A step-by-step guide to select outdoor tiles:

Establish Your Budget:

Estimating your project budget should be your first step. Knowing your budget can help you narrow down your alternatives because the cost of natural stones can vary greatly.

Assess Location and Climate:

Consider the local climate and the precise place where you intend to install the natural stone tiles. Selecting a natural stone that can withstand the temperature in your location is crucial because different natural stones differ in how durable and resistant to weather they are.

Choose the Right Natural Stone:

There are several types of natural stones commonly used for outdoor tiles, including:

Granite: The toughest natural stone, Granite, makes for extremely durable and weather-resistant tiles. If you want natural stone, it is one of the greatest possibilities for outdoor tiles. If you reside in a nation region with substantial seasonal weather changes, think about Granite. Granite tiles come in various colours, from vivid white to sombre black.

Marble: Marble needs sealing to make it more resistant to foot traffic and the elements because it is slightly less firm and more porous. Many homeowners adore its classy effect because of its distinctive, veined finish. Marble tiles come in a wide range of hues, from white to black. Although slip-resistant rough Marble tiles are a better option for outdoor flooring, smooth polished Marble is stylish.

Slate: Slate is durable enough to fit any deck or patio area but is softer than Granite and Marble. Slate tiles are always unique, unlike other natural stone tiles. Slate tiles can add considerable visual interest because of their various colours and textures. Earthy colours, including grey, green, brown, tan and orange, can be found in natural slate tiles.

Limestone: Since Limestone is softer and more porous, sealing these tiles is necessary to prevent stains and environmental deterioration. They are not suggested for places with heavy traffic because they also easily exhibit wear. During the chilly winters, they are also vulnerable to cracking. Limestone enthusiasts can't get enough of the stone's characteristic pits because they produce a unique texture. Limestone is a light-coloured stone that ranges in hue from white to brown. For patios that aren't covered and decks near swimming pools, non-slip tumbled limestone tiles are an alternative to polished Limestone tiles, which can become slick when wet.

Travertine: A particular variety of Limestone called Travertine contains mostly calcite. It is somewhat softer and more brittle than ordinary Limestone but has a similar texture and makeup. Similar to Limestone, Travertine tiles are highly pitted and porous. Therefore, sealing is also necessary before using them outside. They are also prone to cracking in extremely cold environments, even with regular care. Travertine tiles will age more quickly than stone tiles because of their softness. You'll appreciate its warm, golden good looks if you live in a moderate area and don't use your deck or patio frequently.

Consider Aesthetics:

Assess the aesthetic appeal you desire. Select a natural stone that matches the overall look of your outdoor landscaping and design since natural stones come in various colours and textures.

Assess Maintenance Requirements:

Identify the upkeep requirements of the natural stone you're selecting. While certain stones are more low-maintenance, others require routine sealing.

Think About Safety:

Safety is essential, especially around water and other damp locations. Ensure the natural stone you select has enough slide resistance to avoid accidents.

Seek Professional Advice:

To obtain professional guidance on the suitability of a specific natural stone for your outdoor space, speak with a reputable stone supplier or installation. They can offer insights into the finest solutions based on your unique needs.

Request Samples:

Get samples of the natural stone tiles you are contemplating before deciding. This will enable you to observe how they appear and interact with natural light in your outside area.

Consider Long-Term Value:

While initial prices are crucial, consider the natural stone's durability and long-term value. You can spend less money in the long run on upkeep and replacements if you get a high-quality stone now.

Installation and Maintenance:

Make sure to work with qualified specialists to install your natural stone tiles. Follow the suggested upkeep instructions to preserve the durability and attractiveness of your outdoor area.

Outdoor Tiles Design:

Travertine Pool Deck

A travertine pool deck will enhance your pool area with its classic appeal. Natural stone with warm, earthy tones, Travertine is attractive and long-lasting. Its distinctive texture not only adds elegance but also has useful advantages. Due to the heat resilience of Travertine, it provides a comfortable surface even on sweltering summer days. Additionally, due to its naturally textured surface, which provides slip resistance, the pool area is safer, especially when wet. Travertine is the perfect material for building an opulent and durable poolside hideaway since it combines aesthetics and practicality.

Mosaic Slate Patterns for Patios

You can transform your patio into a work of art using elegant mosaic designs made from natural slate tiles. Slate makes a beautiful canvas for magnificent artwork because of its vibrant colours and distinctive textures. Your outdoor environment will benefit from the originality and beauty of these mosaics, which might include geometric designs and motifs drawn from nature. Slate tiles are renowned for their strength and tenacity in outdoor settings and their visual appeal, guaranteeing that your mosaic masterpiece will continue to be a captivating focal point for years.

Wood-Look Sandstone Tiles

Use Sandstone outdoor tiles to get wood's warmth and aesthetic appeal without the upkeep. Sandstone, which comes in various colours and patterns, closely resembles real wood in appearance while offering the strength and resilience of natural stone. These tiles combine timeless design with low care, making them perfect for patios and outdoor decks.

Limestone Garden Walls

Use natural Limestone tiles for your garden or retaining walls to accentuate the beauty of your yard. The timeless appeal of these outdoor tiles enhances your area. These walls can serve as useful and aesthetic elements, defining garden boundaries, building tiered areas or simply adding visual interest to your environment. Limestone is a flexible material for garden walls because of its capacity to blend in with the surrounding vegetation.

Sandstone Cladding for Outdoor Fireplaces

Sandstone tile cladding may make your outdoor fireplace into a cosy focal point. Gatherings around the fire are made more comfortable by Sandstone's warm tones and rough surface. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, sandstone cladding offers insulation, guaranteeing that your outdoor fireplace will continue to operate and look good even during colder months. Sandstone is a prominent choice for fireplace applications due to its blend of form and function.

Cobblestone-Look Slate Pavers

With tough slate pavers, you can replicate the timeless elegance of cobblestone streets. These cobblestone-like tiles can be used in driveways, pathways or as decorative borders because they closely resemble real cobblestones in appearance. Slate is a perfect material for aesthetics and utility because of its timeless appeal, which gives a touch of old-world elegance to high-traffic areas while requiring little upkeep.

Hexagonal Marble Tiles

Hexagonal marble tiles can add a touch of geometric elegance to your outdoor area. Various colours and patterns in outdoor applications such as patios and pathways enhance Marble's natural beauty. Because of the unusual shape, you may create eye-catching patterns and focus points that elevate the look of your outdoor design. Your outdoor space will always be attractive and useful because of the Marble's toughness and classic beauty.

Any outdoor space can benefit significantly from the look and feel of outdoor tiles. Additionally, different outdoor tile kinds have various advantages and disadvantages. You should be able to choose the ideal outdoor tiles for your deck or patio by considering your (or your client's) preferences, way of life and location. Browse our selection of outdoor tiles and request your free samples right away.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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