Natural Stone Trends To Look For In 2024

Natural Stone Trends To Look For In 2024

19 Dec 2023

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Exterior aesthetics are important in establishing the character of residential spaces in the ever-changing home design and landscaping area. As we look ahead to 2024 exterior home trends, an intriguing palette of dark hues develops, breaking the traditional conventions of stone veneer options. The most popular material for this is natural stone.

Using black natural stones as a dominant force, emphasised by whites and light greys, represents a trend towards a more modern, sleek appearance. This trend isn’t limited to exteriors; it impacts outdoor pavers, hardscaping and even the hub of social gatherings—outdoor kitchens.

Let’s check out the complexities of these new trends that have the potential to reshape the visual landscape of houses using natural stones.

Dark Is in For Exterior House Colours

Not all decisions in life are black and white, but they are becoming more so when it comes to stone veneer colour options. Looking into the crystal ball of natural stones home trends for 2024, we may expect to see more veneers where black takes the lead, accompanied by white or light grey highlights.

Everything appears to have been trending toward that more modern look over the last couple of years - squared off, smooth-facing, contemporary finish. Darker colours are definitely on trend. While timeless greys and earth tone veneers continue to sell well year after year, the attractiveness of dark stones is growing. Homeowners who want to make their interior and outdoor areas stand out are choosing such daring options.

Outdoor Pavers and Hardscaping Colour Scheme

Shades of grey and blue have constantly reigned in outdoor pavers and hardscaping. We have one of the country’s most diverse selections of blues and grey, guaranteeing a colour to suit every design aesthetic.

Raven Black Granite is a top candidate for individuals who prefer a deeper tone. For a lighter touch, check out the Samson Grey Granite and Highland Grey Granite. Tundra Grey Marble and Silver Travertine are in high demand for pool pavers.

However, we have also witnessed an increase in the popularity of stones for pool areas that are pure white or nearly so, such as Argento Marble pavers. These white/grey Marble pavers and tiles are popular because of the faint grey veins that run through each stone. They are extremely popular for pools because they stay cool and the sandblast finish provides texture for a non-slip patio. Customers view it as a more durable, attractive and budget-friendly alternative to Limestones like Indiana White.

Natural Stone Accents Used to Complement Other Materials While Renovation

Another noteworthy trend we have observed is using natural stone accents to complement manufactured hardscaping materials. For example, contractors combine natural stone pool coping with concrete pavers, natural stone stair treads with retaining walls and natural stone wide stock with concrete walls. This design is gaining favour since natural stone pieces can be larger, producing a more pleasing appearance.

Sustainable Choices in Exterior Materials

With a greater emphasis on sustainability, homeowners are flocking towards eco-friendly exterior materials. Natural stones sourced ethically and locally are becoming increasingly popular, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their low environmental impact. Sustainable landscaping approaches and water-absorbing permeable pavers contribute to a comprehensive approach to exterior design, indicating an intentional change towards eco-conscious living.

Stone Veneer Adds the Distinctive Touch To Outdoor Kitchen

Regarding veneer installations in outdoor kitchens, masonry contractors should prepare to shift gears. Modular outdoor cooking materials, such as those provided by Stone Depot, have substantially decreased installation time and complexity, making projects previously reserved for wealthy homes accessible to a broader audience. However, homeowners are coating these modular homes in stone veneer to give them a distinct look. It seems now more and more Mrs Smith wants a kitchen that will be more unique than Mrs Jones’s kitchen, so they’re getting into a lot more veneer work. Everyone will always be doing their water tables, foundations, entryways, stoops and the like, but outdoor kitchens are definitely on the rise.

Of course, choosing the proper veneer type is only one part of the puzzle; homeowners must also choose pavers that complement them. Most people choose stones with a healthy contrast to stand out without being too dazzling. When selecting colours, you want items that will complement each other but not be identical because you don’t want to step back from your project and see a blob of one hue. You want the colours to stand out and be distinct but not compete. Personal preference drives the decision.

Fusion of Textures for Visual Interest

Diversity in texture is becoming a key element in exterior design, breaking away from monotony and adding visual interest. Combining smooth stone veneers with textured pavers or juxtaposing polished surfaces against rugged natural stone creates a dynamic and visually stimulating outdoor environment. This interplay of textures adds depth and character to the overall aesthetic, elevating homes’ curb appeal.

Outdoor Lighting as an Integral Design Element

The significance of outdoor lighting goes beyond plain functionality, becoming a crucial design element that defines the aesthetics and mood of outer areas. Homeowners increasingly recognise the transformative power of strategic lighting, using it to construct the visual narrative of their outdoor spaces rather than just for visibility. Under carefully placed lighting, architectural details of natural stones come to life, throwing shadows that lend depth and drama to the façade.

Landscape lighting accents the natural colours and textures of stones such as Travertine and Limestone pavers for flooring. This deliberate lighting serves a useful purpose and creates an attractive mood, transforming outdoor spaces into inviting retreats.

LED technology has been a major changer, providing energy-efficient solutions without sacrificing versatility. Homeowners can now easily customise lighting to fit various moods and events, seamlessly moving from exuberant social gatherings to calm evenings under the stars. As the sun sets, outside spaces are turned into mesmerising realms, demonstrating the synergy between technology and design and, as a result, increasing the overall curb appeal of residences.

Let’s check out some of the maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining the beauty of natural stones. Dust and debris can collect over time, dulling the stone’s lustre. Wipe the surface with a pH-neutral stone cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners since they can damage the stone.

Sealing: Sealing is an important stage in natural stone upkeep. Apply a high-quality stone sealer to produce a protective barrier against stains and moisture. The frequency of sealing depends on the type of stone and its placement; get advice from an expert.

Removal of Stains: Accidents occur and spills are unavoidable. To avoid stains, clean up spills as soon as possible. Blot the spill with a clean cloth and, if necessary, use a stone-specific stain remover. Avoid rubbing since it will spread discolouration.

Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals: Keep in mind that natural stones are chemically reactive. Harsh cleansers, such as bleach or ammonia, should be avoided because they might damage the stone’s surface. Use only mild, stone-safe cleaning agents.

Dust and Debris Removal: Use mats and rugs in high-traffic areas to prevent dust and debris accumulation. This will limit the possibility of scratching and preserve the finish of the stone.

Periodic Inspection: It is critical to inspect your natural stone surfaces on a regular basis. Examine the item for signs of wear, damage, or loose stones. Early discovery allows for quick repairs, extending the life of your stone features.

Professional Upkeep: Think about employing a professional stone maintenance company on an annual basis. They have the knowledge and technology to deep clean, reseal and restore your natural stone, extending its life.

Cleaning Cobblestones: Power cleaning can help remove dirt and grime from garden cobblestones. To avoid injuring the stones, make sure the high-pressure washer is set to a low setting.

The conclusion

As we have come to the end of this year, knowing future exterior trends is a must. The combination of dark elegance, harmonising natural accents and the particular attractiveness of stone veneer in outdoor spaces paints a vivid image of emerging aesthetics. The coming year promises to be a blank canvas for homeowners, designers and builders to work on, pushing limits and embracing a combination of history and contemporary allure. Whether it’s the dramatic statement of dark stones or the seamless integration of natural components, the outside of homes in 2024 will be a monument to individual taste and a celebration of design diversity.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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