Explore Stunning Wall Cladding Designs for Your Home

Explore Stunning Wall Cladding Designs for Your Home

26 Dec 2023

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In these modern times, having a beautiful house is very important to stand out. And the outdoor walls are where one must start. With the correct external wall cladding material and design assistance, you may have a visually appealing home with character, personality, and individual flair, whether a new construction or a makeover on an old, tired building.

However, the exterior of a home is more than just about looks. Exterior wall cladding is a high-performance material that also functions as a protective barrier for the structure and its interiors. High-quality cladding protects the building from the sun, rain, wind, severe temperatures, fire, dampness, noise, pests and contaminants. Wall cladding is an excellent insulator, protects against structural damage, and improves the energy efficiency of interiors.

Exterior cladding is a versatile and cost-effective solution that improves the look of your home and its function and durability by increasing its tolerance and resistance to external influences.

Choosing wall cladding for various house designs

External and internal wall cladding products are available today, with different materials, styles, colours, finishes, performance and durability options. Because of its easy installation, wall cladding over weatherboards is frequently the first port of call during a building renovation project. With so many alternatives, how can you be certain that your cladding decision is the best for your home and the environment?

Benefits of stone wall cladding

  • Stone wall cladding is simple to maintain due to its strong construction, lifespan, durability, and other positive features.
  • You can remove grime and stains with normal water, and regular detergent can do wonders to restore such walls' shine.
  • One of the most significant advantages of employing stone cladding tiles to conceal unsightly walls is their ease of installation.
  • These are sold in sets rather than individual pieces; all you need to get started is a bare wall.
  • Wall cladding is also cost-effective, saving time, labour and money.

Walling design for outdoor and indoor space

External facade stone wall cladding: Using a bigger cut stone in various shades to redesign a property's outer façade is guaranteed to capture visitors' attention. Unlike other porous natural stones, granite can withstand moisture, making it a good choice for stone cladding for exterior walls. It can also be combined with other materials to provide an eye-catching façade.

3D effect on outside stone wall covering: Rather than using basic cladding, one can create a distinctive visual impact using natural stone cladding tiles to create a 3D impression. To enhance the impact of the outdoor stone tile wall, use a lighting system that creates shadows. Granite is a low-cost stone that can be used to achieve this appearance. It is long-lasting and can survive exposure to the environment.

Wall cladding as a decorative accent: Natural stone also looks great in the interior of a home. When making stone feature walls indoors, granite is best used in a single area so that the dark tones do not overrun the space. However, a light-coloured stone, such as slate, can be utilised to cover bigger areas of the room or more than one wall. It can give a rustic or futuristic effect depending on the finish and tone of the stone. When combined with wood or greenery, it adds a natural touch to the indoor environment.

Slate stone wall covering: As previously said, Slate tiles for wall cladding provide the area with a lighter vibe. It can be employed in a bigger area of the interiors without causing visual disruption to the décor. When compared to a plain painted wall, the texture of stone wall cladding creates a unique impression.

Balconies, terraces and patios wall cladding: Outdoor facilities, particularly those with grilling areas, are ideal for wall cladding. When using stone for outdoor walls, choosing a dark shade that resembles brick provides cohesion to the usefulness and beauty of the space, as this lovely terrace design demonstrates.

Indoor stone wall cladding: As noted earlier, Slate tiles is an excellent choice for interiors because of its softer tone. On the other hand, darker tones of slate can be utilised in conjunction with timber flooring to create a smooth, natural impression in any area. Wood and stone are usually a good combination for creating a comfortable mood in the interiors.

Stone wall cladding for living room: Even in a home that combines classic and modern design elements, natural stone wall cladding can be used imaginatively in conjunction with lighting to create a lovely glow that adds a sense of intimacy to the mood.

Room dividers made of stone wall cladding panels: While appropriate for a country-style home, stone wall cladding can also be used to divide indoor rooms in modern flats. The home is filled with charm thanks to neutral earthy tones, light-toned stone, and wood.

Dining room wall cladding: One tip for establishing a unique look in a dining area that lacks a view is to make one. The Granite wall cladding in this example serves as a backdrop for accessories and potted plants. The end effect is a nice dining experience.

Kitchen wall cladding: Using wall cladding as a single ornamental feature in a space can still produce an eye-catching effect. They are an excellent choice for the kitchen or BBQ areas since they can be paired with various shades of wood, concrete, and stones.

Outdoor seating stone wall cladding: The last example we'll show you is a dining area that connects to an outdoor environment. The rough Travertine wall cladding contrasts with the rustic wooden rafters, earthy flooring tones and the garden's lush foliage.

Stone wall cladding is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the look of a room without breaking the bank. The difficulty in employing wall cladding tiles is in selecting the right colour and texture to meet the home's design style. A skilled interior designer can assist in selecting and implementing the best choice to create a gorgeous ornamental feature.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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