Know The Importance of Using Travertine Pool Tiles

Know The Importance of Using Travertine Pool Tiles

19 Feb 2023

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People are increasingly choosing high-quality Travertine pool tiles over cement pavers and other similar materials, and for good reason. Travertine’s ageless beauty transforms ordinary pools into remarkable sanctuaries. If you’re looking for pool tiles to keep your feet cool and your bones safe this summer, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Here, you can discover thorough information on travertine pool coping and its benefits.

First, let’s understand why we need pool tiles.

Pool tiles are visually appealing but also provide additional benefits, such as safeguarding the pool’s shell or liner. Pool tiles are designed specifically for pool use and differ from other types of tiles. In this blog post, Stone Depot talks about what Travertine pool tiles are and how they might benefit your pool.

What Are Travertine Pool Tiles?

Travertine, like Limestone and Granite, is a natural stone. However, it exclusively grows near certain mineral spring deposits, contributing to its distinct and stunning look. It is also available in warm and mild neutral tones. This makes it an ideal material to complement any aesthetic.

It is not as hard as other natural stone materials, but it is quite durable. It performs well in high-traffic areas, making it suitable for use as pool tiles.

Benefits of Using Travertine Pool Tiles

Non-Slip Surface: One of the most popular questions concerning swimming pool surfaces is if they would prevent youngsters from slipping and falling on the wet surface. Your pool’s outer surface will surely become wet, but because Travertine pool tiles are porous, the water is absorbed, making them non-slip in nature.

The naturally occurring pores in the Travertine facade easily hold the water that rises to the surface as you enjoy the pool. Water is also less likely to develop puddles or flood your homes inside due to the absorption. It’s also an excellent choice if you live in a rainy location, as the Travertine tile’s surface avoids runoff and flooding.

Natural Aesthetics: Travertine tiles are widely recognised for their natural beauty and flexibility. The stone’s neutral tones make it a timeless backdrop for any outdoor scene, but its distinctive tints and natural veining open up unlimited creative options.

Travertine pool tiles can offer both a rustic, earthy style and a more elegant and polished appearance. Furthermore, the stone’s natural roughness provides exceptional grip, making it an ideal and safe solution for situations such as pool decks where slip resistance is critical. Travertine not only adds warmth to an outdoor environment, but it is also a visually appealing and utilitarian material.

Heat Resistant: If safety is a priority for you, a Travertine pool deck has you covered. It not only prevents slips and falls owing to its nonslip surface, but it is also heat resistant.

If you reside in a location with high temperatures, don’t worry; Travertine pool tiles will keep your feet cool. Travertine conveys cold, low temperatures from the Earth underneath it while reflecting the sun’s rays. The circulation of cold air keeps the surface of travertine cool to the touch, which is ideal for hosting BBQs or playing in the pool throughout the day without worrying about people burning their feet.

Durable: Travertine is known for its durability and ability to withstand high temperatures, as well as its safety features. Travertine tiles for pool are naturally intended to last, regardless of how hot your city becomes. There is sometimes confusion between Travertine tiles and pavers. However, the stone used for pool coping and surround are Travertine tiles, which are resilient and durable.

This also applies to extreme weather conditions, such as severe rain or sleet. Rocks, spills, shoes and whatever else you choose to move around the pool will not damage the Travertine tiles. Its endurance makes it an easy choice for enjoying your yard, and it will not be damaged whether you have parties, barbecues, or move patio furniture near the surface.

Environmentally Friendly Materials: Travertine is a natural stone that oozes timeless elegance and promotes environmentally conscientious living. When you choose travertine for your pool deck or outdoor space, you are selecting a material that is naturally sustainable. Unlike synthetic materials, which cause pollution and environmental destruction during manufacture, travertine is extracted from the soil in a way that preserves its natural integrity.

Minimal Maintenance: Travertine pool copings are popular because they need minimum upkeep. However, little maintenance does not equal no upkeep. Covering each tile with a high-quality sealant can keep your deck looking great for years. Sealers are available in a variety of alternatives, ranging from those that penetrate the stone, leaving the surface similar to its natural state, to those with a gloss finish. The sealant you chose can affect the tile’s ability to absorb water. You should also get your Travertine tiles pool resealed every two years to prevent damage and keep them looking good.

Are You Curious About Installing Travertine Pool Tiles?

If you’re wondering whether Travertine pool tiles are ideal for your home, contact our stone specialists to schedule a consultation. We’ll assist you in exploring your options and selecting the appropriate stone to create your dream outdoor area. You can fill out our contact form and tell us about your Australian outdoor living space goals. We look forward to helping you.

The Bottom Line

You may install Travertine pool tile during the initial building of your pool or afterwards during renovation. However, installing tile on an existing pool is more difficult, and the results may be less desirable. Be aware that, regardless of which direction you choose, installing the tile might take a day or two. Additionally, it is critical to have your pool tile placed by a knowledgeable technician. As stated earlier, we also recommend sealing the pool tiles before installing them so that they keep on looking naturally aesthetic for years to come.

To summarise, this is what you should know about Travertine pool tiles. If you are considering acquiring this sort of material for your pool or patio, you should be aware of the various benefits. They are long-lasting, inexpensive, safe, elegant and simple to clean and maintain throughout the years. What more do you need for your pool area?

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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