Travertine Pool Tiles

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Travertine Tiles & Pavers

Travertine Pool Tiles

Travertine Pool Tiles are among the best choices as pool surrounds, especially for indoor pools. Pavers are preferred in outdoor pool areas, while tiles can be used indoors and indoors. The thickness of Travertine Pool Tiles starts from 12mm.   

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Our Travertine Pool Tiles have great slip resistance, making the surface safe to walk on. Slip-proof Travertine Tiles ensure the safety of your loved ones. We highly recommend using unfilled and tumbled finish tiles for pool surrounds, though the honed and filled finish is also used in indoor pools.  

Travertine Pool Tiles are appreciated for their soothing muted shades which look sophisticated. Choose from our wide range of Travertine Tiles for pools in various tones and textures. These tiles complement the surroundings, transforming the pool area into a beautiful oasis.  

At Stone Depot, we pride ourselves as one of the largest suppliers of premium natural stones in Australia. We deliver across Australia including Brisbane (QLD), Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Adelaide (SA), and more. The wide assortment of our stones caters to every space and style. Our extensive range of pavers, tiles, and pool copings is available in Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Marble, and more.

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