The Cost of Luxury: An Economic Analysis of Marble Tiles

The Cost of Luxury: An Economic Analysis of Marble Tiles

28 Apr 2023

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When we talk about natural stones, the most common name is Marble which comes to our mind. Due to its beauty and durability, Marble as a natural stone has been used for millennia in buildings and interiors. It is a naturally occurring stone produced by the metamorphic crystallisation of Limestone, which transforms calcium carbonate into calcite crystals. Marble tiles or pavers are an abundant and visually beautiful material frequently used for flooring, walls, counters and other decorative purposes.

Here are some benefits of using Mable Tiles for construction purposes:

  • Natural elegance

    Marble tiles offer a high-end finish. They bring a classy, opulent appearance to your residential or commercial space. However, it also opens the door to design opportunities that give an organic effect. Because Marble tiles are not artificially made, the patterns in each tile or slab differ slightly, giving each one a unique appearance. Combining a personalised appearance with a unique installation and design creates a floor that will elevate your space to a new level.

    Marble has a regal façade. However, despite this, it is not restricted to use in traditional architecture. Marble tiles can be chosen and trimmed to match more modern settings. Marble’s transparency qualities make it a fantastic accent to more contemporary interiors since they increase the quantity of available natural light.

    Why does that matter?
    Due to the minor translucence of Marble tiles, some light can travel through them. Marble can almost sparkle when the sun shines on it, especially if it’s white or lighter. This gives the space a lighter, airier vibe.

  • Easy to maintain

    Marble tiles are water and other substance resistant if their seal is kept up. There is no need to be concerned if the stones are cleaned immediately. Marble tiles should be quickly cleaned with a rag or mop if wet or soiled.

    Depending on your chosen colour, Marble tiles make it simpler to see dirt or pet hair and fully clean up spills before they harm the floor or cause more severe issues. We have discussed this point in the coming pointers.

  • Lots of colours to choose from

    “Natural” doesn’t mean your selections regarding the advantages of Marble tile flooring are constrained. You can find Marble tiles in different colours and designs. Some property owners choose Marble tile flooring to go with the rest of their interior decor. Others select their preferred flooring and then plan the rest of the space around it. Many possibilities are available, despite the design option you choose.

    If you choose Marble inlay flooring, you can select the colour scheme to match your preferences or the style and decor of the room or area where the floors will be shown. This is a fantastic method to emphasise a unique or distinctive feature of your house or place of business or to add colour and design to a space that is otherwise bland in colour.

  • Offers heat conduction

    Marble is a superb heat conductor, making it a top choice for homes with radiant heating. On a snowy winter morning, picture stepping onto a warm Marble bathroom floor. You’ll feel so at ease there that you won’t want to leave. The combination of Marble tile floors and radiant, in-floor heating is incredibly cosy and keeps you feeling warm even on the chilliest mornings.

    However, if you live somewhere, that becomes hot and muggy in the summer; Marble tile flooring might also be helpful. Marble tiles tend to stay cool when not heated, which can keep your house cool throughout the long, sweltering summer days.

  • Hard-wearing

    Marble Tiles are attractive and long-lasting. They can withstand nearly anything that is thrown at them.

    Are dishes dropped in the dining area?

    Is the bathtub covered in water?

    Marble tiles can manage these situations. Marble flooring is scratch-resistant and durable if kept up, especially in high-traffic areas of your home. Another fantastic benefit of Marble ties is that flooring specialists can polish them back to their original finish if the floor has experienced any wear after many years of heavy use.

  • Allergen-resistant

    A marble surface, unlike carpet, is impossible for allergies to stick to and collect on. Even if dust or pet dander starts accumulating, Marble tiles make it simple to observe. These substances can be swiftly removed with a mop before they cause allergies.

  • Eco-friendly

    The green flooring option that is opted for by many these days is Marble tiles. Since it is made of natural materials, there is no use of other elements for their production, unlike cement. Installing Marble tiles is a choice you make for the environment-friendly nature of the material.

  • Joints are easy to match

    The joints and veins can be easily aligned for a uniform appearance if you appoint a professional with experience with the installation. You shouldn’t attempt to DIY. Hire an expert if you’re buying a luxury item to ensure everything fits together for a high-end look.

  • Easily customisable

    Each Marble tile is a great work of art, but adding custom Marble tile sizes truly differentiates this material from the others. Marble inlays can be created to convey a tale about your home, your family or your business. They can be inspired by past art and style as well as the architecture of your space.

However, luxury comes with a price. The same goes with Marble tiles as well. They have a price in terms of the investment in money and the effect on the environment. In this economic analysis, we will look at the expenses related to using marble tiles, such as the costs of extraction, shipping, installation and upkeep.

Extraction cost

Natural stone quarries all over the world are used to extract Marble. The extraction procedure can be expensive due to the need for powerful equipment, explosives and experienced labour. Quarrying Marble tiles and pavers can also negatively influence the environment, including habitat destruction, water pollution and soil erosion. The cost of extracting Marble might change depending on the quarry’s location, the Marble’s quality and the labour and machinery needed.

How to overcome it?
Technology development has led to new methods for processing and cutting Marble that can lower the extraction price. For instance, Marble tiles can be precisely cut using laser cutting technology, which decreases waste and boosts productivity. You should also choose a wholesaler with a solid track record and a working rapport with the quarries like us. You may obtain Marble tiles with us at the best price and premium quality.

Transportation cost

The Marble must first be transported from the quarry to the processing facility and then delivered to the construction site. Fuel prices, shipping fees and trucking fees are examples of transportation expenses. The distance between the quarry and the processing plant or construction site can significantly impact the cost of transportation. Transportation can also impact other environmental issues, such as carbon emissions.

How to overcome it?
Buying in bulk can help you save money on transportation costs and lower the cost of extraction. If you’re shipping a lot of Marble tiles, you can bargain for lower shipping costs. Alternative modes of transport, including rail or marine transport, may be less expensive than road travel depending on the distance and volume of the product. Evaluate shipping costs for various delivery modes to identify the most economical one.

Installation Cost

Marble tile installation calls for expert labour and specialised tools. The difficulty of the design, the size of the area to be tiled and the calibre of the Marble tiles can all affect the installation cost. Additionally, waste from the installation process, such as extra grout and tiles, may raise the price.

How to overcome it?
Consider how the Marble tiles will be laid out to reduce cutting and waste. This can reduce the time and labour costs of installing the tiles. Installing intricate shapes and patterns may be more challenging and time-consuming, which could raise labour expenses. So, it may be less expensive to install a simpler design. Also, you may want to DIY if you have the knowledge and experience. This can help you save on labour costs, but it’s crucial to have the appropriate tools and equipment and take the necessary safety precautions.

The Final Thoughts
To sum up, utilising Marble tiles can be expensive because it requires a lot of extraction, transportation, installation and maintenance work. The environmental effects of marble mining and shipping should also be considered when evaluating the cost of employing Marble tiles. Before making a choice, it’s crucial to compare the costs and advantages of selecting Marble, such as its durability and aesthetic appeal. But as we know, luxury comes at a price. So, if you are ready to opt for the best solutions to include an aesthetic natural stone in your space, contact us today for a free quote on Marble tiles.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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