Transform Your Backyard with Outdoor Pavers: Design Ideas and Inspiration

Transform Your Backyard with Outdoor Pavers: Design Ideas and Inspiration

27 Apr 2023

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You may extend the living area of your house with a contemporary backyard, giving you more space to entertain outdoors or unwind next to a fire pit for years to come.

It can be said to be an extension of the interior of your house, and it must look vibrant, carefree and fun regardless of your design preferences.

So, if you’ve decided to construct or remodel a backyard, some things need consideration, like choosing suitable outdoor pavers. You must select building materials that have benefits beyond aesthetic appeal. Strong and durable outdoor pavers must be used to build a lasting backyard.

You need to ask yourself questions to understand your design requirements:

  • Would you like the outdoor pavers to be modern or traditional?
  • Do you fancy a luxurious pool in the backyard?
  • Do you want to build an outdoor patio for socialising or a quiet place to relax?

Many types of outdoor pavers are available in the market, which is also why we can see tremendous growth in outdoor pavers suppliers globally.

We have gathered creative landscaping suggestions and real-world examples to help you enhance your patio, yard, garden and other outdoor spaces. Look through the list of outdoor paving solutions to your design problems; you may find a few surprising solutions as you go.

Rustic Backyard with Granite Outdoor Pavers

For homeowners who like to entertain, having more than one seating area for socialising can be a great way to maximise space. This design emphasises seating areas with Granite outdoor pavers in the Crazy Paving style over garden beds or plantings. The sleek design of the area is minimal yet comfortable, with comfortable seating. The flooring done with Granite outdoor pavers makes this quirky, rustic backyard ideal for entertaining. Despite being a small backyard, it has a level, a tiny patio, neat walkways and even a tiny garden.

Image by Atelier Bach

Minimal Backyard with Limestone Outdoor Pavers

This backyard features a staggered deck pathway and goes to the home’s back door entrance. The yard is landscaped with Midnight Glow Limestone outdoor pavers, a fence and evergreen trees and a small unique patio with a dining table and seats. The lofty shape of the home contrasts nicely with the perpendicular shape created by the planters next to the fence. The bushes and pots balance the landscape giving out a softer feel.

Cosy Backyard with Silver Travertine Outdoor Pavers

After sunset, an outdoor patio creates a warm gathering spot, allowing for late-night entertainment. A fireplace surrounded by stacked stone will make it ideal for game nights beneath the stars. The clean, modern appearance continues outside to the rest of the backyard. Structural components are essential to defining and shaping a vast garden area.

Making selections regarding space preparation, levelling, gravel or sand, etc., is necessary when installing outdoor pavers for the patio, which can be labour-intensive. Silver Travertine outdoor pavers make the logistics a little easier, softening the appearance and breaking up the big expanses in this design. Grass, creeping sedum and creeping thyme are just a few of the alternatives for ground cover.

White Backyard with Classic Travertine Outdoor Pavers

This contemporary, minimalist design features a level lawn with a verandah and a straightforward bed flanking it with young birch trees. A quiet space in a shady area is available. This outdoor relaxing area is an excellent location to enjoy a morning coffee because of the white shade that complements the large windows. The clean lines of the furniture chosen highlight the simplistic lines. A cosier-than-chic backyard sanctuary comprises rows of plants, a traditional grass garden and peaceful geometry. The perennial beds with low-growing shrubs/ grass anchor the minimal colour scheme of white paint and brown outdoor pavers with hints of deep green.

Shady & Open Backyard with Basalt Crazy Pavers

These homeowners have made the large and shady backyard that some might perceive as a deficit into an asset. A route wanders through groves of “Knock Out” outdoor pavers, butterfly bushes and other areas of visual interest, from huge trees to unique wooden furniture, along this peaceful, quiet getaway from the busy city life. The natural stone continues the colour trend of the fence posts, giving the outdoor pavers flooring a beautiful curve. So, do you want a beautiful backyard with Crazy Pavers and big trees?

A Newfangled Answer with Ash Grey Sandstone Outdoor Pavers

This beautiful backyard combines old and new architectural forms. The stunning Ash Grey Sandstone outdoor pavers serve as the focal point. The seating with bushes on the side of the border softens the area. Water-resistant furniture makes sense in a place that is exposed to the weather. It gives the living and dining rooms outside the house a stylish appearance. Go for a manicured look or create zones with a range of styles.

A Non-Traditional Poolscape with Silver Travertine Outdoor Pavers

In hot weather, pools are fantastic places to cool off, but what about outside the water? If you’re interested in adding a pool to your backyard landscaping, think about all the other features you can add, such as firewalls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, cabanas and other garden components, to help the pool blend into the environment. But the most important would be what outdoor pavers should be used. Hence, you should pick outdoor tiles or pavers with good grip quality, such as our Silver Travertine stones. This pool feature is a cosy and lovely spot to escape the heat, thanks to a shady pavilion beside the pool surround. The outdoor pavers have a striking cool-warm colour scheme that evokes both the sun and the water.

The Bottom Line
Even though most of us enjoy curling up in the living room and drifting off to sleep, a backyard is the truest sanctuary—especially if equipped with all the necessary backyard bells and whistles. Outdoor pavers may be as hospitable and stylish as your interiors while providing access to nature and fresh air.

The best of both worlds is possible with our wide range of outdoor pavers. From Travertine to Sandstone and from Bluestone to Slatestone, you get a lot of options to choose from. We are proud to be one of Australia’s best outdoor pavers suppliers that offer pavers and tiles at competitive pricing. So, we hope you are ready for some outdoor pleasure with these backyard ideas to inspire you as you get yours ready for the upcoming warmer months. Remember to bookmark this blog so you can use them at home.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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