Bluestone Tiles or Pavers: Which One Is the Best Choice for Indoor Landscaping?

Bluestone Tiles or Pavers: Which One Is the Best Choice for Indoor Landscaping?

08 Jan 2024

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Indoor landscaping is an important part of interior design. Choosing the proper flooring material is critical to achieving the desired appearance. It also depends on what kind of performance do you want from your space.

Bluestone tiles and pavers are popular among Australian homeowners and business owners. It is because of their timeless appeal, adaptability and ability to survive harsh weather conditions for years. Bluestone tiles are an ideal choice for landscaping. They are used for poolsides, garden walkways, driveways and other purposes.

But which one would you prefer when it comes to choosing building materials for indoor landscaping?

Apart from the thickness there are other things that need to be kept into consideration as well. So, let’s understand the nitty-gritty of Bluestone tiles and pavers and which one is the best pick. It will help you make an informed decision based on your individual needs and tastes.

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Bluestone Tiles


Bluestone tiles are sleek and contemporary looking. It is for these reasons that makes them a great option for modern interior designs. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This allows homeowners and designers to create complicated patterns. Or keep a clean, minimalist style.

Bluestone tiles' adaptability enables easy incorporation into a variety of interior design concepts. From modern chic to traditional elegance, you have many options to choose from. Bluestone tiles also offer an extensive selection of size options. Whether you choose big tiles or tiny tiles for fine detailing, you can customize them according to your choice.

Installation Ease:

One of the most significant benefits of bluestone tiles is their simplicity of installation. The setting up process is often simple in indoor locations. It is where circumstances are more controlled than in outside environments.

Maintenance and Repairs:

Bluestone tiles require little upkeep. Regular cleaning with gentle detergents and sealing on a regular basis can assist in retaining their look. It also safeguards them from stains. Furthermore, if a single tile becomes broken, it can be replaced easily. And the best part is it won't impact the entire floor. This gives a cost-effective long-term maintenance option.

The simplicity of upgrading one single tile is particularly useful in areas with frequent usage where wear and tear are possible. Bluestone tiles are a suitable solution for interior settings that demand durability. They also give ease of maintenance due to their flexibility.

Suitability for Indoor Spaces:

Bluestone tiles are ideal for use as flooring in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and entryways, among other places. Because of their smooth surface and elegant appearance, they are an excellent choice for places that require a smart yet modest style.

Bluestone tiles can be used for countertops in kitchens, offering a durable and visually beautiful surface. Because of their moisture resistance, they are ideal for bathroom floors. They also are great for walling, bringing a sense of elegance to these places.

Bluestone Pavers

Durability and Thickness:

Bluestone pavers are thicker than tiles by nature. Stone Depot offers a thickness of 30mm and more. It increases their longevity and makes them suited for high-traffic areas. They are resistant to harsh weather. Bluestone is one of the most durable stones due to its high density and composition. Consider it a one-time investment because they do not require routine maintenance or repairs.

Versatility and Seamless Transitions:

One of the most noteworthy benefits of bluestone pavers is their adaptability. Pavers can be used to transition from indoor to outdoor spaces easily. This results in a unified design that connects various aspects of the property.

This adaptability enables homeowners to extend their indoor design. They can be concepts like outdoor patios, walks or pool surrounds. It results in a unified flow throughout the property. Bluestone pavers are used to create a coherent and aesthetically beautiful landscape design.

Installation Complexity:

While bluestone pavers are more versatile than tiles, the installation process may be more difficult. Obtaining adequate levelling and stability necessitates meticulous attention to detail and, in some situations, professional skills.

Installation difficulties should be addressed, especially for those attempting DIY projects. Hiring a skilled installer ensures that the pavers are properly set out, reducing the danger of uneven surfaces or structural problems.

Design Options and Patterns:

Bluestone pavers are available in shapes and sizes, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. Homeowners and designers can create distinctive patterns and layouts by using rectangular, square or irregularly shaped pavers.

The option for experimenting via various paver sizes and shapes allows for greater design flexibility. Bluestone pavers offer creative flexibility that can improve the visual attractiveness of indoor areas, whether you choose a simple herringbone pattern or a more detailed design.

Considerations for Both Bluestone Tiles and Pavers


Bluestone tile and paver prices might vary depending on aspects such as size, thickness and overall quality. Bluestone tiles are generally less expensive than pavers. However, it is critical to examine the project's overall budget, including installation charges.

The initial cost should be balanced against the long-term benefits and durability of the chosen bluestone material by homeowners. While tiles are a less expensive option, pavers can provide additional lifespan and versatility.


Bluestone tiles and pavers can both benefit from sealing to increase their resistance to stains and damage. Sealing is especially critical in regions that are prone to spills or moisture exposure.

Homeowners should be informed of the sealing needed for the exact type of bluestone they chose. Some kinds may require more frequent sealing than others and knowing these care requirements is critical for sustaining the appearance and performance of the flooring.

Climate Considerations:

Temperature fluctuations can alter bluestone, as they can many other natural stones. Bluestone may expand or contract in areas with harsh weather, potentially causing problems with the flooring.

Proper installation procedures, such as the use of expansion joints and proper adhesives, can help to reduce the impact of temperature variations. Homeowners in extreme climates should check with professionals to ensure that the bluestone material they choose is appropriate for their individual environment.

Slip Resistance:

Bluestone tiles and pavers can both be treated to improve slip resistance. Indoor slip resistance is critical for safety, especially in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is present.

Homeowners ought to ask about the slip susceptibility of the bluestone material of choice and, if necessary, install slip-resistant coatings or coatings to lessen the danger of slips and falls.

Make an Informed Choice

When deciding between bluestone tiles and pavers for indoor landscaping, multiple factors must be considered, including design preferences, planned use of the space, budget limits and practical issues.

Bluestone tiles are a wonderful alternative to create an elegant and sophisticated indoor setting if you like a sleek and modern look. Because of their ease of installation and maintenance, they are suited for a wide range of indoor applications, from living rooms to bathrooms.

To Increase Durability and Versatility:

Bluestone pavers, due to their greater thickness and versatility, are suitable for high-traffic areas or spaces that transition effortlessly from indoor to outdoor use. Pavers' design flexibility allows for unique patterns and configurations.

Consider Your Budget and Long-Term Goals:

While bluestone tiles may initially be the most cost-effective option, bluestone pavers may provide additional durability and versatility. Homeowners should carefully consider their finances and long-term goals before selecting that is in line with their tastes and aspirations.

The Final Takeaway!

Both Bluestone pavers and Bluestone tiles are suitable for a wide range of uses and each has its own distinct advantages. Before deciding, carefully evaluate the location, purpose and specific characteristics that will best fit your design objectives. Whether you choose the long-lasting grandeur of Bluestone pavers or the indoor luxury of Bluestone tiles, you will appreciate the timeless beauty and sophistication that Bluestone brings to space.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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