What better than Silver Travertine for Outside Paving in 2023

What better than Silver Travertine for Outside Paving in 2023

12 Dec 2022

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For several reasons Silver Travertine Pavers are the most preferred choice for doing outside paving jobs in Australia, and it should be because of the elegance the stone adds to your space whether it’s a swimming pool, a patio, alfresco, verandah, courtyard.

Engineers and stonemasons have used travertine for thousands of years to construct everything from elaborate temples to opulent homes. A testament to travertine’s durability is the fact that many buildings from Ancient Rome that were constructed thousands of years ago are still standing today.

This magnificent and exquisite natural stone, made of calcium carbonate, was created by mineral springs over ages of time, giving it travertine’s timeless resilience and attractiveness. Typically, it can be found around the mouth of hot springs or in limestone caves.

Silver travertine natural pavers are robust and long-lasting since they are a calcium-carbonate stone that was created under pressure. Additionally, they are stunning and distinctive, with graceful veining and textures that range from warm, honey-colored tones to cool blues, silvers, and greys, making each stone unique.

Why should you choose Silver Travertine Pavers?

First and foremost, each paver of silver travertine has a harmonious blend of light and dark colours of silver, with hints of warm beige undertones scattered throughout. The blue and silver tones of the stone merge beautifully with the colour of the water in outdoor spaces like patios, walks around ponds, and poolside surrounds, where this distinctive and electric style adds an elegant touch to modern landscapes. The total space has a cozy feel because to the warm beige and gold undertones, which reflect the sun in a lovely way.

Like all other travertine pavers, silver travertine natural stone pavers are a practical option for outdoor installation in addition to being an aesthetic one. In areas where members of your family and friends will be walking barefoot, such as pool surrounds, pathways, steps, or the patio area, you should consider how much the stone pavers will heat up underfoot given that Australia’s summer temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius (and occasionally higher). Because they will stay cool to the touch even during intense heat waves and even in direct sunshine, silver travertine pavers are a great choice. In addition to being secure and cozy to walk on, pavers will reflect heat, keeping the remainder of your house significantly cooler. On the other hand, silver travertine pavers can tolerate subfreezing temperatures without cracking because of shifting weather patterns and seasons.

One of your considerations when deciding which natural stone pavers to use for your outdoor project is if the stone will be able to survive various environmental conditions without losing the integrity of its structure. One advantage of silver travertine is just this: it doesn’t fade and, given resilience, will endure throughout time.

Finding a natural stone paver that can handle heavy foot activity is important when selecting one for outdoor areas. Concrete and asphalt are two obvious possibilities for flooring, but they lack elegance and can clash with the rest of your home’s exterior’s contemporary or futuristic design. Silver travertine pavers, on the other hand, may instantly change a simple design into something spectacular and blend in beautifully with a modern style, all while withstanding heavy foot traffic without displaying signs of wear and tear.

Therefore, we strongly advise taking silver travertine tiles and pavers into consideration whether you’re wanting to add a WOW factor to your outdoor landscape, or you just want to invest in a natural stone paver that will fit a certain criteria for your building – or restoration – project.

Formats, Sizes, and Colours of Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine is a versatile material that may be used in a variety of projects.

Silver Travertine Tiles
Silver Travertine tiles often used for indoor constructions have a 12mm (about 0.47 in) thickness with an honed and filled polish.

Silver Travertine Pavers
The natural surface vein pattern of travertine pavers and their 30mm (1.18 in) thickness add a touch of elegance to outdoor project spaces.

Silver Travertine French Style
The French Pattern in travertine is one of the most well-liked patterns. A set of 6 travertine pavers or tiles in 4 distinct sizes is available.

Silver Travertine Crazy Pavers
Now, Travertine Crazy Pavers are highly popular, and many homeowners prefer them to the conventional rectangular design. Crazy Paves refers to the chaotic pattern used in cutting travertine pavers or tiles.

Silver Travertine Wall Cladding
For both interior and outdoor walling projects, travertine tiles are a terrific option. Homeowners can choose from travertine tiles, piled stone, and free-style wall alternatives for their wall projects.

Sizes of Silver Travertine Tiles and Pavers

Although travertine can be used as pavers (30mm or more thick stone), tiles are the most common usage for it. There are numerous cuts, patterns, forms, and sizes of travertine tiles available, ranging from 4″ x 4″ to 24″ x 24″. The flexibility of this material is the cause of its widespread use in any project will fit.

Advantages of Silver Travertine Pavers

After granite, travertine is one of the strongest materials and is renowned for its density. It can survive harsh weather and heavy foot traffic without cracking, chipping, or giving way. Why is it used so frequently in patios, courtyards, and even fireplaces? Travertine pavers and tiles can last a lifetime if put and maintained correctly! That certainly sounds like a good return on investment.

Low Maintenance
Silver Travertine is much more popular because it is resistant to fading, scratching, dampness, and fire. Travertine is a worry-free investment because it only needs occasional sealing or basic cleaning to maintain its sheen and keep dust or debris at bay.

Silver Travertine’s organic textures provide a superb grip. This eliminates slip hazards on pool copings and floors. Additionally, due to their heat resistance, travertine pavers and tiles are cool to the touch and comfortable to walk on. They do not crack and do not require additional safety layers in fireplaces because of their fire resilience.

Warm, earthy colours and a marble-like appearance characterise travertine. It looks enduring because to the distinctive textures. Unfilled Travertine that has surface holes gives the stone a rustic, weathered appearance that is ideal for outdoor settings like walkways. Honed surface Without the glaze, the matted surface of travertine gives interior spaces a soft warmth. Overall, all builds are refined and complemented by the soft neutral colours.

Silver Travertine is the best option if you desire the natural stone’s beauty but are concerned about expense. The pricey flooring stone is less expensive than granite and marble. A gorgeous stone for less than the cost of marble seems like a fantastic offer.

Easy to Cut
Cutting and shaping travertine is simple. This characteristic of stone performs admirably in compact residential areas. Homeowners may easily fill areas with unusual shapes.

In Conclusion

Silver Travertine a combination of light and medium and brown tones is appropriate for various applications. The stone is available in two different finishes—tumbled and unfilled and honed and filled—each with its own attractiveness and use. Honed Silver Travertine, for instance, has a smooth surface that gives it a refined appearance and is perfect for indoor use. Travertine that has been tumbled and has unfilled holes has a classic appearance because of its rough surface. After all, having options is beneficial for all home improvement work.

Silver Travertine is, in a nutshell, the perfect material for all indoor and outdoor applications. Travertine pavers and tiles feature everything you might want, from durability and ease of upkeep to fashionable appearances.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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