Ultimate Guide About the Craze for Crazy Pave

Ultimate Guide About the Craze for Crazy Pave

07 Feb 2023

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Crazy Paver is the latest outdoor home improvement trend, and it is taking the world by storm. It is a type of paving design made up of randomly placed stones that is laid out in a pattern. Whether you want a rustic and natural-looking outdoor area or a unique and eye-catching look, Crazy Paver delivers a high-quality finish. Crazy Paving is a popular choice for backyard patios and pathways that can elevate all styles of architecture with its aesthetic.

Crazy Paving is also an affordable and easy-to-install option for outdoor home improvement projects. It is an excellent alternative to regular paving and is much more budget-friendly.  

Let’s know in detail about Crazy Paving and how it can create a patterned /textured look to add a unique touch to any garden or patio.

What is Crazy Paving—origin, features?

Crazy Paving is believed to have originated in Rome- also known as Flag Stone or Flagging – is a form of hardware landscaping or tiling using different irregularly shaped stones.

Given its texture, density and natural colour variations, Crazy Pavers is a great flooring option for courtyards, garden paving, pool surrounds and pathways. The size variations of each piece make Crazy Pavers a great choice when working with curves in a garden, landscape or a home design project such as a splashback or tabletop.

Crazy Paving is also an excellent option for those who want to add texture and colour to their outdoor space. With its unique and interesting designs, Crazy Paver is a great way to add a bit of character to your outdoor area. The Crazy Paving can be laid using a diverse range of stones in all different shapes and sizes.  

Here are our favourite Crazy Paving offerings:

  1. Limestone pavers
  2. Limestone pavers split away from a contemporary design to a quirky one. The symmetrical faded grey and creamy white tiles produce a lovely vintage appearance. This resilient stone, which is highlighted by darker grey and ivory, is renowned for the splendour it adds to outdoor environments.

  1. Sandstone pavers
  2. Sandstone pavers are timeless, sophisticated and incredibly durable. They’re great for coastal gardens and natural aesthetics. Their strength makes them great for areas of low traffic or footfall.

  1. Travertine pavers
  2. Travertine is a type of limestone that’s used to make durable, versatile and striking pavers. You’ll love their soft, earthy and neutral tones. Plus, they’re slip-resistant, making them a popular option among homeowners for pool decks or a patio.

  1. Bluestone pavers
  2. Bluestone is a type of volcanic rock (which explains its deep blue colour). They’re incredibly dense, strong and durable. Plus, they’re salt and slip-resistant, making them another popular option for outdoor project spaces.

Get the crazy effect!

Laying the pavers requires more thought and planning than traditional rectangular pavers or tiles. It is suggested that you lay the pieces down before getting started to ensure you get the look you are after. It’s about finding the right balance between making the pieces fit somewhat together and avoiding too many straight, continuous lines. That can be tricky but fun. 

The final visual appeal depends mainly on the shape, size and type of paver or tile, the colour and texture of materials and the width and colour of the grout joins between pavers/tiles. We have a huge collection of Crazy Pavers, like Classic Light Travertine Crazy Paving, Tandur Grey Limestone Crazy Paving, Bluestone Crazy Paving, Escaut Crazy Paving and so much more.

Where can they be used?

Crazy paving and its unique “randomness” works naturally in retro-styled homes and inspire a vintage feel. Being a versatile material, it also works well in modern settings, creating beautiful terraces and entertaining areas.

As it is easy to use and install, you can create seamless and organic spaces that will complete your home with contemporary or mid-century designs.

Many homeowners and designers strategically use crazy pavers with accessories like dichondra plants. This is an awesome combination of modern landscaping and helps create a beautiful balance between land and plants.

Just like any other tiling, crazy pave is adaptable to being used inside. It looks impressive in a coastal bathroom –remember to ensure the tiles and grout are adequately sealed.

You would love the back-to-the-future interior and exterior flooring trends.

Taking care of the Pavers

Crazy Pavers have great weather endurance and break resistance. Since Crazy Pavers are made from natural stones, they do not need high maintenance. You can simply use a garden hose to remove dirt and debris from the surface of Crazy Pavers. For solid debris accumulated on the surface, use a mild soap or detergent solution to clean the area and pressure wash it. Avoid using any acidic solution while cleaning.

However, we recommend proper installation and sealing of the stone during installation. Not sealing Crazy Paving stones would make them prone to erosion, mildew build-up or weed growth.

Sealing helps the stone retain its natural colour and increases the stone’s life. During installation, two coats of sealant on the surface are recommended to make Crazy Paver stain and scratch resistant. The overall life of the Crazy Paving stones also increases with repeated sealing.

Every 4-5 years after installation, they need to be resealed. The application and how frequently the crazy paving floor is used determine how often it needs to be resealed. As a rule, it is preferable to reseal the outdoor kitchen or barbecue floor every four years and the walkway crazy pavers every two to three years.

In case there are stains, they can be removed following a proper method. For cleaning stains, the best method would be to use a mild soap solution with a soft mop. It is advisable to use warm water to clean the surface. In case of a stubborn stain, you can also use a natural stone cleaner available in the market. Avoid using any acidic solution to clean the Crazy Paver.

In case of a broken or damaged stone, Crazy Pavers can be easily repaired. Without affecting the other stones, the broken paver can be replaced with a fresh one. If the damage is severe, it is recommended to seek an expert. After repairing the damaged area, ensure that the stones are sealed again.

Use your garden hose to rinse crazy pavers as part of routine maintenance. It is sufficient to just rinse crazy pavers with water to remove dirt and grime. This is a quick and easy way to clean the surface of collected dust without using pressure washing. Cleaning frequently with simple water prevents a lot of tension or cleaning problems in the future. Cleaning with water is a great cleaning technique for homeowners, especially if there are children present.

Okay, how much does crazy pave cost?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And truth be told, the crazy paving cost varies depending on the size of your area and the type of stone. And hey, if you’re considering DIYing your crazy pave, all power to you. But remember to plan before you pave.

Crazy paving can quickly become higgledy-piggledy (whereas organised, sophisticated chaos is the name of the game).


For the end users, Crazy Paving translate to a reliable material that eliminates the guesswork that can sometimes occur when renovating. They can deliver an exceptionally high-quality finish. You can choose from the most premium quality Crazy Paver from our collection. From grey to beige and black to blue, you can find all the variations for all your project space.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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