What are the benefits of Natural Stones for your property?

What are the benefits of Natural Stones for your property?

14 Feb 2022

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Natural stones are used in several applications including floors and walls. Their use has been in practice for centuries. The pyramids of Egypt, the Stonehenge, Megalithic Temples of Malta are among the oldest stone structures that have stood the test of time. Much before modern civilization's existence, stones were a major part of every construction. Ever wondered why? To simply answer this, natural stones have a lot of benefits that would leave you amazed. Here in this blog post, we will elaborate on the advantages of natural stone walling and flooring for your property.

Benefits of Natural Stone Floors

  1. Natural beauty- Natural colours and patterns of stones add beautiful aesthetics to your property. No two natural stones are similar. Hence this brings uniqueness and authentic beauty to indoors and outdoors. This cannot be achieved with artificially engineered stones. For instance, Crazy Pavers with random irregular shapes. They add an interesting element to the floor and elevate the beauty of the space. Sandstone, Bluestone, and Travertine Crazy Paving, therefore, are quite popular because of their unique beauty.
    Since natural stones are a product of nature, adding them to your property only brings you closer to nature.
  2. Durability- Natural stones stand up to high traffic. Driveways, walkways, hall rooms, or patio made of natural stone pavers last long. Indoor floors tiles are also durable. Unlike wood or laminate, stones have high scratch resistance and resilience. Though the initial cost of installation is high, natural stone's long life is a reason good enough to install them on your property. Granite and Bluestone floors are hence known for their strength and are mostly used outdoors. Travertine, Marble, and Limestone floors are preferred indoors as well as outdoors.
  3. Moisture and stain resistant- Natural stones are porous. However, the porosity is sealed by applying sealer on the surface. After sealant application, they become impermeable to moisture and stains. Unlike wood, natural stones have greater resistance to stain and moisture permeability. Therefore, landscape or pool paving is done in natural stones like Marble, Travertine, Limestone or Slatestone.
  4. Temperature control- Stones keep rooms cool in summers which is a great benefit in hot summers. Travertine and Limestone absorb the coolness of earth from underneath. Marble with its light colour makes spaces look brighter and cooler. Stones also hold heat which proves beneficial in winters. Heated floors help to heat the whole room and lend the warmth that you need.
  5. Adds value to the property- Natural stones are timeless and not affected by trends. With lasting durability and great aesthetics, stone floors add value to your property. Natural stone floors undergo minimal changes unlike wood or vinyl. The latter are also susceptible to moisture or termite damage. With stone flooring, you'd make fewer repairs, keeping the appearance as authentic as possible. Authentic properties get more value in the long run.
  6. Can be cleaned easily- The best part about natural stone floors is you can clean them easily. Mopping with plain water often does the job effectively and infuses new lease of life to the floors. Removing stains may need chemical treatments in rare cases but that too can be done with easy DIY solutions at home. Usually, warm soapy water is recommended to remove stains. Therefore, natural stone floors are best for households with children or pets.

Benefits of Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Walling or call cladding is an installation over an existing structure. It acts as a protective covering to the underlying wall structure. Here are some of the benefits of natural stone wall cladding that you must know about:

  1. Lend natural beauty- Wall claddings made of natural stone lend beautiful aesthetics. The stones make a great statement wall indoors and eye-catchy retaining walls outside. You can create various looks depending on the colour, texture, and sizes available. Be it warm shades of sandstone walling or cool colours of limestone walling, each type of cladding enhances the beauty of the surroundings effortlessly.
  2. Strength and resilience- They add mechanical strength to the underlying walls, increasing their strength and resilience. Natural stone claddings prevent cracks and other damages and have great load-bearing capacity. In other words, they act as a cushion that absorbs physical damage to the structures beneath, further elongating their life.
  3. Reduces water absorption- This is an important benefit of natural stone walling, especially external wall cladding. Stone claddings reduce the rate of water absorption. They eventually minimize the chances of cracking or water saturation in the underlying walls. This is primarily why they are used in pool areas and bathrooms.
  4. Protects from weather extremities- Natural stones are resistant to moisture, cold, heat, and pressure. This property makes them an ideal choice for wall cladding. A wall covering made of stone is naturally weather-resistant as compared to wood, laminate, or vinyl. This comes as an advantage in places that receive high rainfall or heat.
  5. Sound insulation- Natural stone wall cladding over an existing wall, creates a sound insulation layer. External noise pollution is reduced to a great extent, creating a peaceful ambiance inside your home.
  6. Easy to maintain- Stonewalling lowers the maintenance requirements of buildings. Also, they need minimal upkeep. A simple wash at regular intervals gives a fresh look to your walls, without spending a fortune on expensive cleaners. In case of a damaged stone, it can be easily replaced with a matching stone.

In conclusion
Natural stones have been around for a very long time and continue to be in demand for the numerous benefits they have. They are highly valued for their variable style, durability, insulating properties, and many more features. We hope these advantages encourage you to consider them for your property. Call our team of experts to know more about natural stones or for free samples.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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