Interior Wall Cladding Ideas

Top Interior Wall Cladding Ideas to Transform Your Home

17 May 2024

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Are you still stuck with painting your walls white and flooring grey?

That is so 80’s. With changing times come new trends when it comes to transforming homes. But are we just limited to flooring in such cases? No.

In contemporary homes, clad walls are frequently utilised to hide electrical lines, particularly in living areas. Furthermore, the living room—the first room visitors see while entering a house—makes a great first impression thanks to the exquisitely designed internal wall covering. Selecting the right interior wall cladding ideas for your house involves considering several aesthetic and technical factors. The function of the space, its size and the wall should all be taken into consideration when choosing the cladding material and colour.

What Does Interior Wall Cladding Mean?

Stone cladding is a thin façade of natural or artificial material used as a decorative veneer over the foundational layer of concrete in modern constructions. Walls coated with stone weigh less than ordinary walls. Natural stones like Travertine, Sandstone, Bluestone and Slatestone are commonly used for natural stone wall cladding in interior design.

Now let's examine some of the top interior wall cladding designs for houses:

  • Make A Mesmerising Media Wall 
  • An amazing media wall may elevate ordinary experiences, from movie evenings with family to binge-watching box sets. Because natural stone interior wall cladding may improve acoustics and absorb sound, they are a very popular choice for installation behind TVs. Thus, take a seat, unwind and relish the immersive home theatre experience.

  • Mix Classic and Contemporary
  • Achieving an eclectic look may be accomplished by combining several cladding styles. For example, creating a design plan that combines traditional and contemporary elements and mixes different kinds of natural stone would give an amazing interior wall cladding idea. This is perfect for giving interior spaces a distinctive and original touch.

  • Create Contrast in White Rooms with Black Cladding
  • Would you like to give your white-box space some personality? A black-coloured interior wall cladding may easily create an environment with significant contrast and impact. A monochromatic design concept is not only aesthetically arresting but also long-lasting due to its timeless colour scheme. In addition, it gives spaces a dash of drama and elegant refinement.

  • Use Wood-Like Cladding for A Bed Headboard 
  • Add a three-dimensional wood-like interior wall cladding to beds to give them a feeling of grandeur reminiscent of a hotel. They highlight the unique grain pattern of the material, giving bedrooms depth and character. They are a sophisticated alternative to upholstered headboards. Half-height cladding may be used to produce the required appearance quickly and simply for a standard headboard height, or you can get creative and use panels that can be rotated and put in different layouts for a graphic finish.

  • Install Interior Wall Cladding as An Alternative to Tiling 
  • For covering walls that come into close touch with water, tiles are not the only choice. Moisture-resistant natural stone interior wall cladding ideas will provide places that see splashes and dampness in more dimension, texture and depth. Additionally, wood-effect designs give off a natural vibe that is ideal for biophilic schemes that require a calm and peaceful ambience.

  • Splash-Proof Kitchen Island Walls 
  • Installing natural stone cladding on the walls and islands of kitchens is a chic and useful touch. These empty areas, which are occasionally overlooked, are the ideal backdrop for drama and depth, which three-dimensional panels abundantly supply. Additionally, water-resistant panels help keep kitchens looking their best by making it simple to clean up spills and splashes.

  • Introduce Texture to Walls in A Home Bar 
  • In the space where you have your home bar, contrast the sleek surfaces of natural stone wall cladding with other textures like wood and cork. Sleek materials and crisp lines are softened by the inherent features of these materials, which include tone and pattern variety. The resultant contrast offers visually arresting haptic curiosity.

What Upkeep Needs Are Involved With Stone Wall Cladding?

Keep these maintenance tips in mind to extend the wall cladding’s lifespan and preserve its gorgeous appearance for many years to come:

  • Dust and grime may be eliminated by regularly wiping the stones with a moist cloth.
  • Make sure you regularly inspect the wall cladding for any indications of deterioration. In this manner, you can address the problem right away and prevent it from getting worse.
  • Pressure cleaning should be avoided as it may harm the stones.
  • Once a year, seal the cladding to keep moisture out.
  • The brilliance of the stones is tarnished by the use of abrasive cleansers and harsh chemicals.

How are the walls covered with stone cladding?

There are two typical techniques for covering walls with stone. The Direct Adhesion Installation method is the first approach and is mostly applied to natural stones. In this process, the stone cladding is usually applied to the walls using a cement mortar. The installation technique for spot bonding is the second. Water staining is less likely since the wet adhesives used in this approach only cover 10% of the surface area, leaving gaps and air pockets between the cladding layer and the wall.

Stone wall cladding may completely change your living areas, whether you’re remodelling your house or just want to add some glitz to a certain room. Your bare walls will appear amazing because of the natural stone’s ageless charm. Interior wall cladding made of natural stone appears stunning against the stark white walls. An impactful atmosphere at the entrance may be created with certainty thanks to the cladding panels. Modern homes will be given a unique touch by using natural stone cladding with appropriate décor and soft lighting. Any area of your house may benefit from the strong, moisture-resistant cladding acting as a focus point. These interior stone cladding ideas are an excellent method to add just the perfect amount of design features to a living room or hallway. They are also a failsafe option.

Thus, don’t hesitate any longer and check out our extensive selection of natural stones for wall cladding. Purchase the one that best suits your décor preferences and design specifications. Cheers to your shopping!

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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