Viscon White

Viscon White
Stacked Stone Walling

Product Features

  • Usage:
    Outdoor, Indoor Living
  • Finishes:
    Split Surface, Back Side Sawn Cut
  • Walling Size:
    600x200mm, 20-35mm Thick
  • Corner:
  • Application:
    Outdoor or Indoor Walls, Pillars, Fireplace Surrounds, Outdoor Barbecue Areas, Retaining Walls etc.

Straight out of a picture book featuring sandy coastlines and blue oceans, Viscon White Walling is a replica of the same. The soothing shades of white with a blue undertone have a calming effect on your surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for natural stone for your new project or renovating your existing space, you are at the right place. Stone Depot is Australia’s one of the largest wholesalers and suppliers of Porcelain Pavers that cater to all your needs. In the arena of natural stones and tiles, we have got everything you need. We believe there is one stone meant for every space and we help you personalize that space for you.

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1. What is Viscon White Ledge Stone?

Viscon White Ledge Stone is a perfect blend of oceanic colour with blue undertone. The texture is soothing and feels calm on the surface. The stones highlight the horizontal joints and are stacked atop each other.

2. In what finish does Viscon White Ledge Stone come in?

Viscon White Ledge Stone comes in a natural split finish.

3. What size is Viscon White Ledge Stone available in?

Our Viscon White Ledge Stone Cladding comes in random sizes upto 350 mm and they are stacked on a mesh sized 600 x 200mm.

4. What is the thickness of Viscon White Ledge Stone walling?

Viscon White Ledge Stone thickness varies from 20-40 mm with backside sawn cut.

5. Do Viscon White Ledge Stones have corner pieces available?

Yes, Viscon White Ledge Stones come with interlocking corner pieces.

6. What is the mesh size of Viscon White Ledge Stone?

The mesh size of Viscon White Ledge Stone is 600 mm.

7. How many corner pieces does one pallet of Viscon White Stones have?

One pallet of Viscon White Ledge Stone has 144 pieces.

8. Does Viscon White Ledge Stone come in different grades?

Yes, there are three grades of stone walling which are commercial, standard, and premium. We only keep and supply the premium quality.

9. What is the life expectancy of Viscon White Ledge Stones?

If the stones are properly installed, sealed, and maintained, they would easily last for over 20 years.

10. Can I use Viscon White Ledge Stone for external walling?

Yes, you can use Viscon White Ledge Stones for external walling projects.

11. Is Viscon White Ledge Stone good for internal walling?

Absolutely! Viscon White Ledge Stone is perfect for all your internal walling project needs, be it the fireplace, kitchen, or living room.

12. Is Viscon White Ledge Stone good for fireplaces?

Viscon White Ledge Stone is an amazing choice for fireplace cladding. The colour tone on the stone elevates the whole look of the fireplace and the room.

13. Can I use Viscon White Ledge Stone cladding in living room?

Yes, Viscon White Ledge Stone is a perfect choice for the living room. They make a great statement wall.

14. For kitchen walling can I use Viscon White Ledge Stone?

Viscon White Ledge Stone is a great choice of product for kitchen walling.

15. Can Viscon White Ledge Stone get stained?

Like any natural stone, Viscon White Ledge Stones are porous and suspectible to moisture absorption, dust accumulation and stains. Hence we recommend sealing the stone before installation.

16. Do I need to seal Viscon White Ledge Stone?

Yes, it is advisable to seal Viscon White Ledge Stones to protect them from staining, moisture damage, or dust accumulation.

17. Will sealant darken Viscon White Ledge Stone?

No, natural stone sealers don't darken the colour of Viscon White Ledge Stone nor do they alter the colour and sheen of the stone. Advisable to check with your installer or landscaper before applying the sealant.

18. How to maintain Viscon White Ledge Stone walling?

The best way to maintain the walling is to reseal them every 2-3 years. Avoid cleaning them with chemicals or acidic stone cleaners. Simply use a high-pressure washer to remove dust, dirt, and accumulation of debris from the surface.

19. Can I use vinegar to clean Viscon White Ledge Stone?

It is best to not use vinegar on Viscon White Ledge Stone as it might leave etching marks on the surface. The best would be to pressure wash the area and use mild soap and warm water.

  1. Chris Ash

    Chris Ash

    Ordered 35 sq m of the Viscon white and very happy with how our project turned out. Make sure the tiler you get used megapoxy for the glue as these stone sheets are heavy.

  2. George C Smith

    George C Smith

    My backyard is not a conversation starter ?? thanks for the special's

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