Midnight Black

Midnight Black
Stacked Stone Walling

Product Features

  • Usage:
    Outdoor, Indoor Living
  • Finishes:
    Split Surface, Back Side Sawn Cut
  • Walling Size:
    600x150mm, 12-22mm Thick
  • Application:
    Outdoor or Indoor Walls, Pillars, Fireplace Surrounds, Outdoor Barbecue Areas, Retaining Walls etc.

Midnight Black Stacked Stone Wall Cladding embodies a black slate look with a smooth matt-like finish. This classy walling is gaining popularity in the trend of creating powerful spaces with minimalistic elements around them. After all who doesn't want a statement wall in the background? The low-maintenance stones are resilient that withstand physical wearing and remain radiant forever. You can also try the Black Slate Wall Cladding on external walls and see the magic unfold as onlookers get style inspiration from you.

Whether you’re looking for natural stone for your new project or renovating your existing space, you are at the right place. Stone Depot is among Australia’s largest wholesalers and suppliers of natural stone wall cladding range that caters to all your needs. In the arena of natural stones and tiles, we have Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, and more. We believe there is one stone meant for every space, and we help you personalize that space for you.

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1. What is Midnight Black Ledge Stone?

Midnight Black Ledge stone embodies a black slate look with a smooth matt-like finish. It is a low maintenance stone and remains radiant forever.

2. Which finish is Midnight Black Ledge Stone available in?

Midnight Black Ledge Stone is available in a natural split finish.

3. What is the size of Midnight Black Ledge Stone?

The stone comes in random sizes upto 350 mm and they are stacked on a mesh sized 600 mmx150 mm.

4. What is the thickness of Midnight Black Ledge Stone?

Midnight Black Ledge Stone thickness varies from 20-40 mm with backside sawn cut.

5. Are there different grades of Midnight Black Ledge Stone available in the market?

Yes, there are three grades of stone walling which are commercial, standard, and premium. We only keep and supply the premium quality.

6. What is the life expectancy of Midnight Black Ledge Stone?

If the stone is properly installed, sealed and maintained. It would easily last for over 20 years.

7. Can I use Midnight Black Ledge Stone for external wallling?

Absolutely. Midnight Black Ledge Stones are perfect for exterior walling purposes.

8. Are Midnight Black Ledge Stone Claddings good for internal walling?

Yes, Midnight Black Ledge Stone is a great product for interior walling needs like fireplaces, feature walls etc.

9. Can I use Midnight Black Ledge Stone for the living room?

Midnight Black Ledge Stone is perfect for your living room with its sophisticated and neat appearance. Statement walls made of this stone gets everyone talking!

10. Can Midnight Black Ledge Stone be used for kitchen walls?

Yes, Midnight Black Ledge Stone is a perfect choice for doing kitchen walls.

11. Are Midnight Black Ledge Stones okay for the fireplace?

Midnight Black Ledge Stone is an amazing choice for the fireplace. The classy colour tones elevate the look of fireplace by many folds.

12. Can Midnight Black Ledge Stone get stained?

Since Midnight Black Ledge Stones are natural stones, they are porous and likely to get stained from liquid spills or dust accumulation. We recommend sealing the stone before installation.

13. Do you need to seal Midnight Black Ledge Stone?

Yes, it advisable to seal Midnight Black Ledge Stone to prevent staining, moisture damage, or dust accumulation.

14. Will sealant darken Midnight Black Ledge Stone?

No, natural stone sealers won't darken the colour of Midnight Black Ledge Stone nor would alter the colour and sheen of the stone.

15. How to maintain Midnight Black Ledge Stone walling?

The best way to maintain the walling is to reseal them every 2-3 years. Avoid cleaning them with chemicals or acidic stone cleaners. Simply use a high-pressure washer to remove dust, dirt, and accumulation of debris from the surface.

16. Can I use vinegar to clean Midnight Black Ledge Stone?

It is best to not use vinegar on Midnight Black Ledge Stone as it might leave etching marks on the surface. The best would be to pressure wash the area and use mild soap and warm water.

  1. Joel Hague

    Joel Hague

    This looks amazing in the fireplace, Kudos!

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