Outdoor Tiles for Fireplace: Ideas and Inspirations

Outdoor Tiles for Fireplace: Ideas and Inspirations

30 Jun 2023

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You might be tempted to put away your patio furniture for the season as the weather cools off, say goodbye to outside barbecues and stay indoors. But it’s not necessary to be that way!

Throughout the chilly months, outdoor fireplaces or fire pits along with the slip resistance outdoor tiles can keep your space cosy and comfortable. An outdoor fire pit is the best way to bring heat to your garden during any season. Whether you enjoy hot apple cider in the fall, roasting marshmallows on a summer night or just hanging around the fireplace this is the place to be.

These fire pits can also be used as the focal point in the patio area which creates a relaxed ambience next to an outdoor BBQ space. But regarding design or outdoor tiles, fire pits or fireplaces are a great addition to your backyard landscaping, giving it a more thorough and well-thought-out appearance. But, if you consider the natural stone outdoor tiles that you’ll use near the fire pit, it upgrades the look.

Many types of outdoor tiles are available in the market, particularly for natural stones such as Granite, Travertine and Sandstone. What’s best? Finding the ideal outdoor tiles for your fire pit couldn’t be simpler, with many alternatives available, even if you have a small backyard.

We’ve gathered the hottest (pun intended) outdoor tile fireplace designs to get you started if you’re considering installing one outside your house. To make any outdoor fireplace design perfect, there are a few key elements to be kept in mind.

  1. Give thoughts about the design aesthetic you want to achieve with your outdoor fireplace tile design
  2. Like every other corner of your house, your backyard also represents who you are. Therefore, based on your preferences, a few essential aspects help you realise what you want most when focusing on and choosing the ideal tile pattern for an outdoor fireplace. Here are some design options to go for:

    • For those who love contemporary designs
    • Consider using clean lines with rustic texture outdoor tiles in your design, if you want something sleek and contemporary. Granite outdoor tiles are a fantastic choice if you want to go with deeper hues such as black or charcoal grey. A see-through fireplace that allows visitors to enjoy the flames from all sides will look great here. You may choose a Silver Travertine outdoor tile that attractively reflects the fire.

    • For those who love the traditional style
    • For a more timeless appearance that will never go out of style, consider using conventional materials like natural stone tile that will be easy to maintain for years and is sustainable.

    • For individuals who prioritise luxury
    • Use Marble or Granite outdoor tiles for a timeless yet opulent appearance. They help add character to the space and make it look luxurious.

    • Embrace the outdoors
    • Many homeowners now install outdoor hearths to create a cosy meeting area in their yard. In other words, you should handle your outdoor space, like your living room or kitchen, with an eye towards guests’ comfort and ambience.

  3. Keep your home’s aesthetic in mind while selecting a colour palette
  4. Rather than standing out like a sore thumb, your fireplace should complement and unify everything. Ideally, you should pick a colour scheme that goes well with your home’s exterior. For instance, you might choose earthy neutrals such as silver or brown tile, if your historic property has brilliant aged natural stone outdoor tiles.

    Contrarily, strong jewel tones such as deep blue or purple outdoor tiles may be the way to go if your home has a contemporary flair with glass or metal features. Naturally, there are no limitations when expressing your unique style, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination and try out new patterns and hues!

  5. Consider your lifestyle preferences and backyard space
  6. It’s critical to consider your space when selecting the ideal size for your new outdoor fire pit tiles. Make sure the proportional scale of this feature item corresponds to other items nearby. It can be things such as tables or seating spaces where people may gather to enjoy time spent outdoors. It helps create an attractive and warm ambience.

    It’s crucial to consider how big your fireplace will be if your backyard is small. The firebox’s output depends on its size and the type and quantity of outdoor tiles are important.

    Why is this important? It is because some types of outdoor tiles are not heat resistant, so they might get heated when the fire pit is lit. You might wish to select outdoor tiles that last a long time if you reside somewhere with long winters.

Let’s check out some firepit design ideas:

  1. Put it close to a window
  2. A fire pit adds cosy warmth and soft, Instagram-worthy lighting to your indoor area when it is situated directly outside a large window or wall-to-wall glass patio door. Choose outdoor tiles that are a bit honed and have a rustic texture to make the light balance out the dark.

  3. Add custom cushions
  4. The surrounding cushions and adjoining couch similar pillows make an outdoor fire pit stand out from the competition. The striped cloth adds personality and colour and offers a comfortable place for visitors to sit while they warm up. Use fire-resistant fabric and keep the fire at a low temperature.

  5. Conjure up an old-fashioned campfire
  6. When in doubt, draw inspiration from a traditional campfire, typically surrounded by foraged stones that are uncomplicated to construct. This delightful backyard fire pit scenario with beautiful outdoor tiles can be a spot for meeting with friends and family. Despite the back-to-basics theme, the entire setting has modern conveniences like speakers made of natural stone concealed in the walls and wood storage integrated into the benches’ base.

  7. Keep it minimal
  8. Simple yet magnificent, this open basin cast iron fire pit is the ideal accent for any backyard. Thanks to the traditional white patio outdoor tiles like our Indiana White Limestone range, we can concentrate on the true eye-catcher, the waterfront vista.

  9. Add some illumination
  10. Everyone will have that filter-like glow from the flames, but you don’t want to trip when walking to your outside seat. A lovely set of bistro lights strung around your fire pit will add a small amount of light without worrying about wiring up connected lighting. Ensure it complements the outdoor tiles since it will create a soothing complete picture.

Conclusion As we know now, natural stones make excellent outdoor tiles for fireplaces. They provide a variety of possibilities to fit your aesthetic preferences, whether you prefer the natural appeal of Slate, the beauty of Travertine, the toughness of Granite, the refinement of Limestone or the organic feel of Sandstone. Their natural colours, textures and patterns may produce a wonderful focus point in your outdoor living space. Natural stones are an excellent option for outdoor applications because of their dependability and resilience to the environment. To improve the appearance and efficiency of your outdoor fireplace, choose natural stones as your outdoor tiles.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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