Pave Your Outside with All-Time Classic Travertine in 2023

Pave Your Outside with All-Time Classic Travertine in 2023

19 Dec 2022

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Undoubtedly, there is no better natural stone than a beige colour travertine in the Australian Market if you are planning to do an outside paving job. We at Stone Depot call it “Classic Travertine” because it resembles an all-time favorite and classic colour tone loved and accepted by the masses in general. The beige hues on the surface of the stone add depth and character to any project type. When it comes to outside paving jobs whether a swimming pool, patio, alfresco, verandah, courtyard, or garden scaping, Classic Travertine is a great fit.

This blog will work as an encyclopedia of the most amazing natural stone available in 2023 for your paving jobs.

We bet you wonder how this amazing stone is formed. Let’s discuss the same in detail!

Typically, calcium carbonate rapidly precipitates during the formation of travertine. A limestone cave or calcium-rich hot springs can be the starting point of geological development, which is then filtered through porous limestone rocks. The limestone rocks are effectively dissolved by that water, causing them to become saturated. Calcium-rich water may be affected over time by a variety of elements, including changes in water flow rate, water temperature, and pressure decreases that cause the water to produce gaseous carbon dioxide (also known as calcium carbonate). Colonial organisms like bacteria, algae, and mosses frequently protect the outer surface of travertine by coating it and giving it its porous texture as that calcium carbonate recrystallizes.

In its finest form, travertine is white and composed of 99% calcite and 1% gypsum, with traces of organic colours, brown iron compounds, and sulphurous chemicals that are yellow, which gives Classic Travertine Tiles and Pavers its beige colour.

Why Use Classic Travertine for Your Next Paving Job?

Amazing natural stone classic travertine goes well with most home design aesthetics. Compared to marble and granite stone, it is cheaper while still maintaining a rich and distinctive look. It is available in beige tones that are sure to add elegance to any project space. Classic Travertine is exceptionally durable in addition to its look (like that of limestone). Because it is eco-friendly, it greatly increases the value of your house.

Classic Travertine can withstand the test of time. It is one of the most durable stone available in the market. Classic Travertine floor tiles can be simply laid on floors and, with regular maintenance, can survive for many years.

Easy to Maintain
Classic Travertine tile maintenance does not call for a lot of special equipment or extraneous supplies. It would be best to use a standard surface cleaner with a clean mop after removing any dust. Occasionally, you can also get a deep cleaning done, making sure there’s not much heavy loading or pressure on the floor, just to be safe.

Slip Resistance
Its texture is non-slippery in addition to being very wet and moisture resistant. Because of this, it is the perfect material to use for installing swimming pools, pool decks, restrooms, and patios. Its porous surface is one of the main factors contributing to its non-slippery nature. Its porous surface is rough and non-slip.

Easy to Cut and Install
Classic Travertine flooring works well in almost any area, even in cramped quarters or uneven terrain. Because Classic Travertine tiles are simple to shape and cut, it lends themselves well to any floor layout. Not many other flooring choices can be characterised in this way.

Pocket Friendly
Consider Classic Travertine tiles if you desire the natural stone beauty of stone but can’t afford most options in this area. Although this type of stone is still seen as a luxury option, it is frequently far less expensive than granite, marble, and comparable substitutes.

As soon as you take one look at Classic Travertine, you can’t help but notice that it’s a stunning stone. Classic Travertine offers a timeless and exquisite naturally aged appearance. It might also add to the rustic feel of your décor, depending on how you use it.

Classic Travertine Quality

Before we even discuss what, quality does a Classic Travertine comes in, let’s throw some light on what does quality mean?

Quality not particularly in Travertine but in general in Natural Stones refers to the number of pores on the surface and the colour variation. That means Natural Stones have pores and that’s the reason they are called porous. Travertine is highly porous, but Stone Depot through its hand-picked approach and stringent quality check ensures to deliver the best quality Classic Travertine.

In the market, one can easily find three different quality or grades of beige-coloured travertine i.e., commercial, standard, and premium but our Classic Travertine comes in only Premium Quality which has the least number of pores on the surface and consistent colour variation, perfect for any outdoor or indoor paving job.

What All Options does Classic Travertine Comes in?

The format offerings in Classic Travertine are huge, for any project type, we have the classic travertine available at your disposal. Let’s have a quick look at the various format offerings.

Classic Travertine Indoor Tiles

With a honed and filled finish and straight-cut edges, Classic Travertine Indoor Tiles are a perfect option for indoor flooring jobs. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with this elegant product if you are planning to do indoor flooring, a fireplace, or a shower area.

Classic Travertine Outdoor Tiles

Classic Travertine Outdoor Tiles come in the honed and unfilled finish with tumbled edges, this option is perfect for any outdoor paving job that expects light footfall. The stone is available in standard 610x406x12mm size. We prefer to put it on concrete bedding.

Classic Travertine Outdoor Pavers

Just like its counterpart Outdoor Tiles, Classic Travertine Outdoor Pavers has the same finish and edges and is a great fit to put on moderate-traffic areas. We wouldn’t recommend putting it on a driveway but apart from that, the stone is a go-to option for any other outdoor project space. The standard size of the Classic Travertine Paver is 610x406x30mm.

Classic Travertine French Pattern

Classic Travertine French Pattern is a set of 6 pieces in 610x406mm, 406x203mm, 406x406mm, and 203x203mm in both 12mm and 30mm thickness. Classic Travertine French Pattern is an epitome of elegance that your home is missing.

Classic Travertine Bullnose and Drop Edge

These two offerings in Classic Travertine are the pool coping options for your swimming pool projects. The bullnose size is 610Bx406x30mm and in Drop Edge, we have two different sizes available, one in 610x406x40/20mm, and the other in 610x406x70/30mm.

Classic Travertine Treads

It comes in a size of 1220Bx406x30mm, we made sure that your staircase does not miss the touch of elegance this stone has to offer.

Classic Travertine Crazy Pavers

If you are not interested in getting the standard pavers for your next outdoor paving job and want to do it with a beige-coloured travertine. Classic Travertine Crazy Pavers is the product that could interest you. It comes in asymmetrical or irregular cut pieces with a constant thickness in a natural split finish.

In Conclusion

Classic Travertine as the name suggests is a classic option in travertine for the Australian Market and the most preferred stone across the globe for any outdoor paving job. This stone has advantages that last for eternity and comes in various formats suitable for any project type and nature.

If you are looking to do an outdoor or indoor paving job in 2023 and are inclined towards beige colour, Classic Travertine should be at the top of your list.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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