Factors to consider while choosing Travertine Tiles

Factors to consider while choosing Travertine Tiles

20 Dec 2021

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Travertine is synonymous with the classiest stone for every space. Because of its silver and soft beige tones, the natural stone has been a popular choice in residential and commercial projects. Travertine tiles and pavers come in 12mm and 30mm of thickness respectively, depending on the applications. Here in this blog post, we will talk about the factors to keep in mind while choosing Travertine Tiles.


Like the factors that influence you to pick between pavers and tiles, the choice of Travertine Tiles also depends on applications. You can use Honed and Filled as well as Unfilled and Tumbled Travertine tiles for indoor applications.

Unfilled and Tumbled Travertine tiles are suitable for outdoor spaces like walkways, pool surrounds, patios, or walls. They have a good footing which offers better slip resistance than honed and filled. Also, Unfilled and Tumbled Tiles are more durable and withstand weather extremities and physical wearing with ease.


For the uninitiated, our range of Travertine tiles comes in various colours and textures. In case you seek a soft grey with a tinge of silver or pale blue undertone, Silver Travertine would be the best pick. If you are looking for a soft tan colour, go for Classic Travertine or Elite Classic Light Travertine.

Different finishes of Travertine come in various colours. For instance, Honed and Filled Tiles give a modern appearance to the space installed in while Unfilled and Tumbled tiles create a classic look. So, make your choice as per the aesthetics.

French pattern

You can create French Pattern design and order the quantity accordingly. This pattern is a classic design that combines different sizes of stones in a particular fashion. The standard pattern is created by laying two stones of 406x406mm, one 610x406mm, two 203x203mm, and one 406x203mm.

French Pattern Travertine Tiles are available in sets that are arranged together to create the look. Your selection of Travertine tiles French Pattern and the quantity would largely depend on the area of tiling. Therefore, the quantity of Travertine Tiles largely depends on the area you want to cover in French Pattern.

Frequency of cleaning

Depending on the footfall or usage, Travertine would be exposed to liquid spills, dirt, debris, or moisture. Hence the kind of Travertine you should pick for outdoors is Unfilled and

Tumbled. They are robust, anti-slip, and can withstand wear and tear. If they are sealed, and their holes are filled with resin, the surface would stay protected.

Honed and filled Travertine tiles are highly recommended for indoor floors, backsplash, and walls. They require a little more care and maintenance than the Unfilled version. Maintenance of Travertine floors should not bother you though as it is quite straightforward.

A useful tip to consider is the colour factor. Dirt or stains are more likely to be visible on beige or light brown shades. The grey and silver shades would generally camouflage the grime or dirt and not get dirty quickly.

In conclusion
Travertine tiles are durable, versatile and can be used across various applications. Above all, the variety of colours and finishes allow you to experiment with its usage. We're sure the above factors would help you make the right choice for Travertine tiles.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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