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Porcelain Tiles and Pavers

Porcelain Tiles and Pavers

Porcelain is a ceramic material made of refined clay, silica, feldspar, and other materials. The mixture is combined at a high temperature to form the engineered stone.

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Porcelain Pavers are a great option for residential or commercial construction due to their low cost and minimal upkeep. Your garden becomes easy to maintain and the patio keeps looking good for ages. Porcelain floor tiles are comparatively harder than ordinary ceramic tiles and are preferred due to their hard-wearing nature. Additionally, they are fire-resistant, waterproof, do not bend or cave in, and retain their colour forever.

Porcelain pool pavers and tiles are specially manufactured to stand up to the chemical-laden water of pools. The stone does not fade, lose colour, or react to mild acids, keeping the surroundings intact for years. Also, their slip-resistant surface prevents untoward slipping hazards.

Besides being an economical outdoor paving option, Porcelain Tiles and Pavers are perfect for outdoors as they can lend surfaces an identical finish like that of a natural stone. They are ideal for paving walkways, patios, alfresco, or garden areas. Available in a wide range of colours, textures, and sizes, it helps fulfill both domestic as well as commercial paving objectives and saves precious time and money as well.

Stone Depot is the largest wholesale supplier of premium natural stones in Sydney. Our Porcelain Pavers are popular across Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and more. We believe there is one stone for every space and our stones help you personalize that space. Our extensive range of pavers, tiles, and walling is available in Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Porcelain, and more.

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Frequent Questions

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Are porcelain pavers better than concrete?

Porcelain pavers is non-porous whereas concrete has natural holes in which liquids can penetrate. Apart from these, both the stones are robust and highly durable.

Why are Porcelain pavers suitable for outdoors?

Porcelain pavers are extremely tough and durable. Besides being low maintenance and affordable, they are aesthetically beautiful that add value to outdoor ambience.

Can we use Porcelain pavers in driveways?

Ofcourse! Porcelain pavers are the best choice for driveways because of their durability and resistance to cracking, scratches or frost.

Does Porcelain crack easily?

With its density and robustness, Porcelain is highly used in commercial setups. However, the hardness of porcelain makes it slightly brittle than standard tiles which makes them slightly prone to cracking.