Why are Porcelain Pavers and Tiles popular?

Why are Porcelain Pavers and Tiles popular?

17 Dec 2021

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Among the variety of paving materials available, Porcelain is the most used stone. With different shades and a host of benefits, it is commonly used in residential and commercial projects. Here are the key points about Porcelain Pavers and tiles, and what makes them so popular.

Highly durable

Since Porcelain is comprised of special clays and additives kilned at high temperatures, it is relatively hard. As compared to ceramic, it is tougher and withstands extreme wear & tear. Therefore, Porcelain is suitable for heavy traffic areas as it never cracks or caves in. Even if it cracks, the broken stones can be easily replaced. Porcelain pavers are known for their dense surface and robustness. With minimal water absorption and great frost resistance, Porcelain tiles and pavers are excellent for outdoor applications.


If you reside in a high rainfall area, having non-slippery stones becomes vital. With kids and elderlies in your house, slippery outdoors is a concern, especially in pool areas. Porcelain paving hence come into the picture. With a less porous surface and high resistance to water penetration, you can install porcelain pavers outdoors without thinking much. Hence, porcelain pool tiles are commonly used in pool deck and copings.

Porcelain floor tiles can be used indoor as well as outdoor owing to their non-slippery nature. On rainy days, porcelain would never trouble you with issues like mineral deposits. Such issues are usually caused by the water evaporating from the surface and beneath.

Minimal upkeep

Unlike many other stones, Porcelain needs low maintenance. Water or wine spills should not concern you because of Porcelain's low porosity. They can be easily cleaned with a cloth or washed with regular water. Special cleaning treatments or periodic sealing are hardly required as they are quite robust. Your outdoor porcelain pavers would stay good as new as they are resistant to chemicals or staining. Also, porcelain tiles and pavers are impervious to scratching or fading which keeps them intact and shining indefinitely.

Heat resistant

As mentioned above, Porcelain is made from clay. This makes it extremely heat resistant. The stone neither catches fire nor contributes to spreading the fire in case one breaks out. In the event of a bushfire or accidental blazes, it has a great advantage. Porcelain tiles and pavers among the best materials for stairs, pool surrounds, copings, or courtyards as they do not heat up in the sun. Also, the light-coloured ones absorb less heat.

Freeze/thaw resistant

You might be aware that natural stones have a propensity to soak dampness. This moisture freezes in winters and may cause the stones to crack. Porcelain allows minimal water absorption which leaves no room for freezing or thawing cycle. Hence there are bare chances of porcelain pavers or tiles cracking.

Beautiful aesthetics

The stone has a wide range of styles and colours that create magnificent spaces. The rich hues show exceptional variation in light and shade, almost giving special effects like mica or marble. Outdoor areas paved with Porcelain look different from natural stone yet feel natural. Porcelain tiles for indoors also have a unique effect. They can also be used to cover existing cracked patios or weathered wooden decks. All you need is a support of rubber pads under every corner of the paver.


Imagine transporting or lifting concrete pavers. Aren't they heavy? Porcelain, against all expectations is lightweight and quite easy to move around. In contrast to other natural stones, Porcelain minimizes structural loads, transport hurdles, and cost while being sturdy. Our 20mm porcelain pavers are easy to install because of their light weight.

Summing up

While the above-mentioned advantages make Porcelain Tiles and Pavers popular, there is a slight drawback too. For instance, they are more expensive than concrete pavers and harder to drill or cut. However, keeping maintenance and durability in mind, Porcelain has a competitive cost advantage over not only concrete but other natural stones as well.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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