Classic Light Travertine French Pattern is a favoured pick because of its classy soft shades and dense nature. Its elegant beige colour alters the character of any space into lively and gorgeous.

French Pattern is an arrangement of 4 different sizes of stones. The colour pattern puts together small and big stones in a gradient design, offering a charming European feel. Classic Light Travertine French Pattern Pavers are durable enough to withstand daily wear & tear, including rough weather. At the same time, they are cool and comfortable to walk on. They blend well in modern and conventional settings in pool surrounds, patio, and driveway. Classic Light Travertine French Pattern Tiles are appropriate for walls, indoor floors, and other indoor spaces.

Whether you’re looking for natural stone for your new project or renovating your existing space, you are at the right place. Stone Depot is among Australia’s largest wholesalers and suppliers of Travertine French Pattern Pavers and Tiles, catering to all your needs. In the arena of natural stones and tiles, we have Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, and more. We believe there is one stone meant for every space, and we help personalize that space for you.

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