African Gold Slatestone

African Gold Slatestone
Tiles & Pavers

African Gold Slatestone with its beautiful shades of pale pink, grey, and amber creates a remarkable appearance. Its water and fire resistance makes it perfect to pave a patio, courtyard, and indoor floors.

Product Features

  • Finish :
    Natural Split
  • Tiles Sizes:
    200x300mm, 300x300mm, 200x400mm, Custom Sizes
  • Application:
    Pool Surrounds, Alfresco, Verandas, Pathways, Garden Paving, Courtyards, Floors, Walls

Premium African Gold Slatestone pavers

African Gold Slatestone creates a remarkable and exceptional appearance of your space. The beautiful gradient of grey, pink and pale amber has no match. With a strong nature with fire and water resistance, it is a very dependable outdoor paving material for courtyards, indoor floors, or walling.

Whether you’re looking for natural stones for your commercial projects or for delivering to residential constructions, you will find an extensive range at Stone Depot. We are Australia’s one of the largest importer and wholesaler suppliers of Slatestone.

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1. What is African Gold Slate Stone?

African Gold Slate with its beautiful shades of pale pink, grey, and amber creates a remarkable appearance. Its water and fire resistance makes it perfect to pave a patio, courtyard, and indoor floors.

2. What size does African Gold Slate come in?

African Gold Slate is available in 200x300 mm, 300x300 mm, 200x400 mm. We can also arrange in other custom sizes provided we are allowed with sufficient lead time.

3. What is the thickness of African Gold Slate?

African Gold Slate comes in 10 mm thickness.

4. In what finish is African Gold Slate available?

African Gold Slate is available in a natural split finish.

5. Are there different grades of African Gold Slate?

There are three grades of African Gold Slatestone in the market- commercial, standard, and premium. We only keep and supply the premium-grade stone.

6. What is the life expectancy of African Gold Slate?

If the stone is properly installed, sealed, and maintained it can easily last for 20-40 years.

7. Where all can African Gold Slatestone tiles can be used?

Slatestone tiles or pavers are generally used as bathroom walling, kitchen walling, flooring, etc.

8. Can I do kitchen flooring with African Gold Slatestone?

Slatestone is one of the most preferred products for doing kitchen flooring. It not only looks amazing but also offers a safe, anti-slip surface.

9. Can African Gold Slatestone be used for walling?

Of course! Slatestone gives a fine depth to walls, in both internal and external project spaces.

10. Can I use African Gold Slatestones for patio?

Yes, African Gold Slatestone is perfect for the patio area. The durable and scratch-resistant stones give your patio a unique look with their exceptional colours.

11. Is is okay to use African Gold Slatestone in the shower place?

African Gold Slate is known for its resistance to moisture, stain, and slip resistance. You only need to ensure sealing the stone during installation and timely maintenance.

12. Does African Gold Slatestone needs to be sealed?

Like every natural stone, Slate tiles also need sealing to increase their water resistance, prevent staining or scratches. An annual sealant application should do the job well.

13. How often should I reseal African Gold Slatestone?

We recommend sealing the Slatestone every 2-3 years.

14. What is the best way to clean African Gold Slatestone tiles?

The best way of cleaning Slatestone tiles is with warm water and a soft mop. You can also use a pH-neutral cleaner to remove stains or grime.

15. Can I use vinegar to clean African Gold Slatestone tiles?

Please avoid vinegar or any citric liquid to clean slatestone as they can cause discoloration or dullness.

16. Is it okay to clean African Gold Slatestone with bleach?

Please refrain from using bleach while cleaning Slatestone tiles as it may cause discolouration or dullness. The best way to clean African Gold Slate is a pH-neutral cleaner or warm water with a soft mop.

17. Can African Gold Slatestone be cleaned with acidic solution?

Acidic solutions are not advised for cleaning Slatestone because they can etch the surface and damage it permanently. Instead, use a pH-neutral cleaner or warm water.

  1. Amanda Moore

    Amanda Moore

    Service was great and delivered very quickly

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    Great service. I couldn't find slate in sydney and stone depot to the rescue. Seamless pickup service from there distributor warehouse.

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    Michael Razzano

    Been real easy, no worries...

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