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Red Pavers and Tiles

Red Pavers and Tiles provide a warm colour to your space, beautifully complementing the surrounding. The red hue is timeless and looks elegant, giving the building projects get a classic appeal. Our Red Pavers have a minimum thickness of 30 mm which make the stone robust enough to endure weather extremities, traffic, and chipping or cracking. With the right maintenance and care, they can outlast the life of buildings.   

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Our Red Tiles add character, charm, and colour permanence like no other natural stone tile. They are versatile and suitable for residential as well as commercial projects. Our tiles are built to last with minimum maintenance. The vibrant hue enhances the beauty of your indoor floors, walls, and décor accents. When combined with lighter coloured tiles, red stands out like a statement piece. What is there to not like in Red Tiles?   

The right maintenance that Red Pavers and Tiles includes sealing, timely cleaning, and occasional washing. Sealing blocks the pores of the paving stones and prevents dust/dirt build-up, moisture damage, and stains. Eventually, Red Pavers can sustain all extremities and shine out. 

Stone Depot is Australia’s topmost wholesale supplier of premium natural stones. Our delivery locations traverse around Australia including Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Adelaide (SA), and more. Our natural stones, with unlimited choices of colours and textures, help you create your dream space. Stone Depot caters to all projects with a wide array of pavers, tiles, and walling in Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Marble, and more.

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