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Travertine Tiles & Pavers

600 x 600mm Tiles

600 x 600 Tiles are considered in the medium-sized tile range. Tiles of this size are a practical choice throughout the house. They work well with several combinations and matches between different areas. Additionally, 600 x 600 Tiles have fewer grout lines which contribute to improving the design as compared to the smaller-sized tiles. 600 x 600 Tiles produce a more streamlined view and look sophisticated.

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Big indoor spaces like living rooms, studios, bedrooms, and balconies are quite suitable for 600 x 600 Tiles. They also make smaller spaces look classy because there would be more tiles and fewer grout lines. Lesser grout lines mean a feeling of continuity and visually a less cluttered space. These smaller spaces tend to look bigger with the right play of light and colour of walls/accessories. You might have to contact your tiler to know how to fit 600 x 600 Tiles in smaller rooms.    

These large format tiles are much easier to maintain and clean. You would have to invest a lot less in cleaning the grout lines. If the 600 x 600 Tiles are installed indoors, the grout lines are less susceptible to dirt or grime deposit. 

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