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Pool Surround Ideas: Your Dream Outdoor Space

24 May 2024

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Imagine entering an opulent retreat through your back door. A glistening swimming pool entices you in, and cosy lounge chairs guarantee relaxation in the warm sun. Your backyard can become your own private haven with lush landscaping and a chic pool deck.

It goes without saying that Australians enjoy swimming, sunny days and being outside. And the best way to beat the heat on a hot summer's day is to relax by your private pool retreat. The materials used in a pool design are quite important since they determine the overall feel and appearance of the space.

The pinnacle of poolside style can be achieved with the help of our natural stone pool surrounds. We have a selection of pool surrounds enhance the area's aesthetic appeal while offering durability and a comfortable surface for bare feet. The various colours of natural stones we have offer a wide range of pool surround ideas for design, creating a refined blend of luxury and environment.

This blog post will go over a few pool surround ideas that you can use in the layout of your swimming pool.

First, there are a few important things to think about before renovating or building your backyard pool.

Consider this:

  • What goals do you have for the area around your pool? (Achieve more seclusion, expand the house or divide the outdoor spaces.) 
  • What will be the area's purpose? (leisure, amusement, culinary arts, children's play area, pet area)  
  • What is the project's total budget? 
  • Do you enjoy gardening or are you searching for something less work? 
  •  How will the pool surround complement your home's overall style?
  • What more do you think your vision requires? (Sun loungers, umbrellas, deck, fencing, BBQ, dining table and chairs, etc.)
  • How will privacy be maintained?
  • Is council consent necessary before beginning any construction? 
  •  What is the project's total budget?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you’re set to add a aesthetic pool area in your backyard.

  • A Harmonious Pathway 
  • Consider walkways to be exclusive to front doors? Rethink your strategy: installing stunning natural stones between your deck and pool area is like to creating a red carpet for your outdoor area. A backyard pathway can create a seamless look to your pool surrounds. You can check out our Bluestone stepping stones for the same.

  • Simple, Elegant Pool Surrounds 
  • For those with a minimalist aesthetic, your backyard pool might have a spa-like atmosphere thanks to elegant pool surrounds like Argento Marble from our collection. For the entire pool area, you can go with grey shade, or you can use complementary colours to create a zen-like pattern. The result will be an outdoor hardscape that exudes serenity, tranquilly and relaxation.

  • An Unusual Water Feature
  • If your inground pool is smaller in size, a striking water feature will leave a lasting impact. For example, a subdued fountain with water cascading into the basin could be placed inside the pool or right at the edge. Water walls are a tasteful addition that release a soft cascade into the pool from the pool surround.

  • Delightfully Pleasant Aromas 
  • There are so many amazing smells in nature; it's true what they say—you have to take occasional moments to stop and smell the flowers. Adding fragrant flowers to your garden and pool surround will enhance your backyard experience by appealing to your sense of smell, which will then stimulate your sense of wonder. To create a multisensory experience in your outside area, think about adding flowers such as plumeria, gardenia, jasmine and honeysuckle.

    Would you mind including some lavender? This flower not only smells nice, but it also deters mosquitoes. Who knew, right?

  • A Fire Pit in The Garden 
  • In addition to being a fantastic hardscaping option for naturally gifted hosts, backyard fire pits are the ideal place for friends and family to get together. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fire pit design: from sleek, contemporary settings to opulent statement pieces, the options are endless. Sitting by a warm fire under the stars is the perfect way to enjoy the evening, whether it's a cool fall evening or the dead of summer. In addition, fire pits reduce humidity and offer warmth and cosiness to outdoor pool surrounds.

  • Fashionable Shrubs 
  • You can travel to an opulent hideaway right from your garden!

    You'll get a "resort" sense from landscaping with low-lying shrubs, bushes and plants that will make you feel serene. There is a shrub for any environment; you only need to do a little research. Consider barberry, forsythia, sedge, gold thread cypress and so on. By adding our cobblestone pavers to your entire backyard design or by replacing all or part of the pool surrounding grass with rocks and pebbles, you can really take this landscaping inspiration to the next level.

  • Mix & Match Stones 
  • We never pass up the chance to blend different natural textures, and many inground patio pool surround idea seamlessly blends the two. Use a landscape stone that has gaps between it so that grass may grow through or use a checkered pattern to create a strikingly original and incredibly well-balanced juxtaposition between the stones.

    It is hard to ignore the potent symbiotic relationship between the two elements—earth and water—when one is situated next to an inground pool.

  • The Ideal Swimming Area 
  • Coping stones will give the appearance of an ultra-finished inground swimming pool. These stones are like a crown that your pool can wear; they are a beautiful hardscaping element that you can appreciate while lounging in your lounge chair or putting your hands on the smooth pool rim. Many of our multipurpose coping stones can also be used as wall caps, pool surround stones, outdoor water feature caps and other applications.

  • Go For a Tropical 
  • Go crazy with tropical outdoor plants if you find yourself feeling completely at home among towering, luxuriant vegetation. You'll think you're in the centre of a jungle retreat if you surround your swimming pool design area with glowing palms, hibiscus, canna, papyrus and other green fronds! Additionally, if your pool surround is covered, you may create a false canopy by hanging plants like pothos around the overhead beams or create a cosy boho vibe by hanging some planters.

Lastly, Make the Most of What You Already Have.

What makes your backyard unique? Perhaps a natural stone walling can be used as the foundation for your inground pool. Perhaps your lawn is so verdant that it needs no accent plantings to make a statement. Perhaps its intriguing design contributes to the distinctive hardscape surrounding it. Consider all the reasons you fell in love with your outdoor space in the first place and play to its advantages instead of trying to cram a square peg into a round hole with this pool surround ideas!


What is the best surround for a swimming pool?

Natural stone pavers and tiles are among the most popular solutions for pool surrounds because of their timeless appeal, practicality and longevity.

What is the border around a pool called?

The border around the pool surrounds is known as coping.

What is the best natural stone for around a pool?

Limestone and Travertine are known to be one of the best natural stone for pool surround and coping.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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