Marble Paves Around Pool

Marble Paves Around Pool: Comprehensive Guide

10 June 2024

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Nothing beats the charm of lazing by the pool on a hot, sunny day. In order to guarantee optimum relaxation this summer, it’s imperative to begin organising the ideal setting as soon as summer approaches. With so many eye-catching swimming pool designs to help inspire the summer days ahead, we have you covered whether you want to update the design of your existing pool or intend to create a pool for the first time.

A beautifully defined stone pool landscape design is a delight to behold. It goes to another level, with Marble pavers around the pool. Marble is a very adaptable material. More importantly, though, is that it’s the ideal stone—opulent and sophisticated without ever bordering on garish. The biggest structures have been built for ages using this amazing stone and for good cause. We at Stone Depot have various colours and textures when it comes to Marble pavers around pool, and the cost of these is at the wholesale rate.

Why Choose Marble Pavers for Pools?

It goes without saying that Marble was used to construct many of the most impressive ancient buildings that still stand today. Among these buildings are the Taj Mahal in India, the Duomo in Italy and the Washington Monument. These structures serve as evidence that Marble is a resilient and long-lasting material. By choosing Marble pavers for your pool, you may raise the value of your house while ensuring that your pool’s coping or deck will survive for many years. Marble is a fantastic material for adding visual interest and opulence to any outdoor area. There are many pros and cons of using Marble pavers around pool.

Whether you are renovating an existing pool or preparing to create a new one, Marble pavers are simple to install. Marble is what you should choose for your pool’s coping, stairs and deck if you want a consistent aesthetic. When exiting the pool or strolling about it, Marble copings and tumbled-finish pavers help stop slippage and lower the chance of accidents. It is best to seek Marble copings that are specifically made to fit over pre-existing copings if you require them. You may fix any kind of damage or uneven coping without tearing anything out, thanks to specially constructed copings.

If your pool landscape design is already in place, adding Marble copings will make it seem much better. Also, replace the steps with Marble for a unified appearance. The material is offered with a tumbled texture to make the surface safer and non-slip for strolling, sitting, and exiting the pool. You can lessen the likelihood of slips and falls in this way. As a result, you may create a more amazing swimming pool and pool deck while saving time and money.

Marble Pool Landscape Design Ideas

  • Swimming Pool Combined with Patio
  • Let’s start with one of the most common pool design ideas that are trending in Australia. Combining a patio area with a pool deck is just an extension of your horizon and adds the tranquillity of water to the patio life when you’re searching for a peaceful haven for your outdoor lifestyle. Our Marble pavers with clean grout lines create an eye-catching abstract pattern.

    You may arrange a mobile table and chairs at one end to enjoy a cup of coffee, and at the other end, you can relax on sun ledges. The variance in elevation between the patio, pool, and deck may help to distinguish the areas further and make it easier to include natural stone water elements seamlessly.

  • On-ground Swimming Pool Made of Granite Stones
  • When digging the land is dangerous, the above-ground pool idea is worth investing in if your family enjoys spending time by the pool and has a neat place. Choosing natural materials is better for your pool, and Marble stones are great for sidewalls, pool coping pavers, and even pool step design.

    The blue hue of the water and the enticing effects created by our Argento Marble and Tundra Grey Marble grains blend in well with the pavers. Pool coping accessories and a vast selection of Marble are available at Stone Depot. It provides the flexibility to lie flat on the top of the surrounding pool walls to the bullnose pool coping. One expected feature of Marble pool pavers is its anti-skid surface treatment.

  • Swimming Pool with Spa
  • The integrated spa is a logical addition to the pool landscape design. In addition to captivating features, the little fountains on the wall between the spa and pool showcase the designer’s or architect’s creative use of space by including complementary and functional aspects. While your body is submerged in cold water under the scorching heat, think of the Marble material used in the building to create a synergy with nature.

    We at Stone Depot provide you with the option to decorate your swimming pool with colour pellets embedded in various patterns seen in Marble pavers for pools. By obstructing and rearranging the lines and blocks, natural stones also provide the designer with enough chance to include details.

  • Swimming Pool with Waterfall & Tropical Landscape
  • The breathtaking pool is the ideal illustration of how to combine modern design with natural features. An upholstered stone waterfall and an adjacent pergola patio area complete the rustic aesthetic. The main pool area has been lowered and a curving pit has been created to form a half-moon dropback. The music and sight are brought to life by the cascading water from the waterfall and the half-round pit. The environment appears magnificent in and of itself, thanks to the natural stone pool coping and decking. Even in inclement weather, a covered patio with Marble flooring provides a secure area for you to sit and take in the beauty of nature!

  • Covered Swimming Pool with Spa
  • Swimming pools are usually a red signal for young children who are playing in your garden. Fencing is one way to add a protective layer to it. On the other hand, even in inclement weather, a fully covered pool with a steel framework provides further protection for swimming. If so, a plastic glass cover or an indestructible pair of sunglasses look like the perfect choice. The addition of hot tubs or spas enhances the amenities. The design’s striking features are the pool coping and Marble pavers around the pool. Now imagine extremes of the weather, such as the summer heat of ninety degrees. You can operate central air conditioning under cover thanks to the covered pool. It is one of the low maintenance pool landscape designs since there won’t be that much dirt accumulated in your pool landscape design.

  • Small Swimming Pool Made of Light Coloured Marble
  • It is one of the most trending backyard small swimming pool designs. Yes, a small space with light coloured Marble pavers around pool is the ideal solution if you like a classic aesthetic for your landscape but lack the necessary area. The light colour of these stones also reflects the natural sunlight, making the area look bigger. The blue of the ocean and the Marble for the pool blend together well.


These were some of the most trending pool landscaper design ideas that are taking the construction industry by storm in Australia. The pros and cons of using Marble pavers around pool can be checked out in our other blogs, like The best flooring material: Limestone or Marble?.

Yes, we at Stone Depot offer premium-grade Marble pavers to build gorgeous, long-lasting poolscapes that seamlessly blend luxury and security. With our wide selection of marble alternatives, you can add style and practicality to your outdoor area while maintaining elegance surrounding your pool. Select Stone Depot for outstanding service and superior quality.


Are Marble Pavers Slippery When Wet?

Marble pavers have a smooth surface, which makes them perfect for outdoor areas. But when they become wet, their smooth surface can also make them slick, which might be dangerous. You can seal the Marble pavers around pool to provide a better grip and traction.

Where Can I Find Light Coloured Marble Pavers for Pool?

You can find light-coloured Marble pavers with us at Stone Depot. From grey colour pavers, like Argento Marble, to Tundra Grey Marble, we have a lot of variety in colours and finishes.

Can You Pressure-Wash Marble Pavers?

After cleaning, the Marble pavers around the pool must be rinsed with a water hose. However, take caution and avoid using your hose on high pressure or a pressure washer, as this might harm the pavers.

Do Marble Pavers Stain?

Marble is porous, meaning stains can easily penetrate its surface. Marble stains should be cleaned as soon as they are noticed since if you wait, it would be harder to get rid of them later. In general, the stains may be removed with a solution of baking soda and water.

How To Clean Sandblasted Marble Pavers?

You can use mild stone cleaners to clean sandblasted Marble pavers around the pool.

Can I Use Floor Tile Adhesive for Marble Pavers?

Although floor tile glue is suitable for indoor usage, it is advised to use a specific adhesive for Marble pavers, particularly when laying them on top of concrete, mortar or sand.

*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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*Disclaimer: All information and advice given above in the blog are to the best of our knowledge. Please reconfirm at your end before execution.

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